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Short Answer Questions

1. What does a writer from Peking try to convince Chinese youths to do?

2. How does Jui-cheuh respond when she hears of Mei's death?

3. Why is Chien-erh burning money for Wan-erh?

4. How does Jui-cheuh feel when her husband and son leave her home in chapter 36?

5. What does Cheuh-hui say to Mei's body as he leaves from paying his respect?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Cheuh-hui feel about his life after Ming-feng's death?

2. What are Master Kao's last dying words to his grandsons?

3. What happens during Jui-cheuh's childbirth?

4. How does Master Kao respond to Ke-ting's misdeeds?

5. What does Jui-cheuh share with Mei in Chapter 22?

6. What is the general response to the death of Master Kao?

7. What does Ming-feng do when she hears that she is to be Master Feng's concubine?

8. Why are the women scared of the curse of the blood-glow?

9. How does Cheuh-hsin try to help Cheuh-min with his arranged marriage?

10. What do the superstitious family members do to try and rid Master Kao of his illness?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Write an essay stating whether or not you believe this novel should be considered a tragedy, please use examples from the novel. Please also identify any tragic hero and explain any tragic flaw that exists for that hero.

Essay Topic 2

Please explain the difference between protagonist and antagonist characters and their roles in a story. Who would be considered antagonist(s) and protagonist(s) in the story "Family" and how did you come to this conclusion?

Essay Topic 3

Please choose on character to analyze using the five categories studied in your daily lessons.

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