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Short Answer Questions

1. What is Cousin Mei's disposition when the two younger brother see her at Chin's house?

2. How does most of the Kao family treat servants and those of a lower class?

3. What word does not describe the Cheuh family?

4. What is Master Kao's friend Feng looking for?

5. What is Cheuh-hsin's grandfather's name?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Chueh-hui feel critical about his brothers in Chapter 12?

2. What is the occurrence with Chueh-hui and the begger boy?

3. Why does Chueh-hui join students at the park after hearing what the soldiers have done?

4. How is Mama Huang described?

5. What does Chin think about going to the boys school?

6. What does Chueh-hsin share with his brothers about the night their father died?

7. What is Chueh-hui and Ming-feng's interaction like in Chapter 10?

8. How is Mei when her cousins first see her in Chapter 15?

9. How does Uncle Ke-ting prepare for the fireworks show?

10. Please describe Chin and her mother's relationship.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

This novel delves heavily into various relationship, both family and romantic. Please choose two of the relationships that you observed in the novel and dissect it, the parties involved and the role that this relationship played in the novel at large. Did these relationships serve to further the plot, theme, mood, tone, etc.?

Essay Topic 2

Please explain the difference between protagonist and antagonist characters and their roles in a story. Who would be considered antagonist(s) and protagonist(s) in the story "Family" and how did you come to this conclusion?

Essay Topic 3

Please clarify the differences between mood, tone, and theme in a piece of literature. What is the mood and tone of "Family"? What is the main theme(s) of the story?

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