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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do two policemen come to Cheuh-hui's magazine office?
(a) To write Cheuh-hui a ticket.
(b) To arrest Hui-ju.
(c) To pick up a copy of the publication.
(d) To ask them to shut down the magazine.

2. Why do they not let Cheuh-hsin into the room when Jui-cheuh is giving birth?
(a) Because it is against tradition for men to be in the birthing room.
(b) Because the room is not big enough.
(c) Because it would make Venerable Master Kao susceptible to the curse.
(d) Because they fear that Cheuh-hsin may not be able to handle it.

3. What curse are the Kao women afraid of?
(a) Curse of the blood-glow.
(b) Curse of the black night.
(c) Curse of the undead.
(d) Curse of the seven sisters.

4. Who else is Chien-erh burning money for?
(a) Ming-feng.
(b) Madame Chou.
(c) Yeh yeh.
(d) Mei.

5. What is one thing that the family does to try and cure Master Kao from his illness?
(a) Hire someone to purge the compound of devils.
(b) Only let him drink tea and eat herbal concoctions.
(c) Bleed him.
(d) Put leeches on his feet.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which phrase best describes Mei's funeral?

2. What does Cheuh-hui say to Mei's body as he leaves from paying his respect?

3. What is Ming-feng's ultimate reaction to being given as a concubine?

4. How does Jui-cheuh feel about being made to live outside the city in her state?

5. Which family member stumbles upon Mei and Cheuh-hsin in the garden?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the entertainment like at Master Kao's birthday and how to the two youngest brothers feel about it?

2. How does Master Kao respond to Ke-ting's misdeeds?

3. How does Cheuh-hui feel about his life after Ming-feng's death?

4. What happens when news of the looting comes to the Kao compound?

5. How does Cheuh-hui hear of Ming-feng's death and what is his response?

6. What does Jui-cheuh share with Mei in Chapter 22?

7. What are Master Kao's last dying words to his grandsons?

8. How does Cheuh-hsin try to help Cheuh-min with his arranged marriage?

9. Why is Chien-erh burning paper money?

10. Why are the women scared of the curse of the blood-glow?

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