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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How has Mei's disposition changed in Chapter 20 since the brothers have last seen her?
(a) She is very angry now.
(b) She is much happier now.
(c) It has not changed, she is still melancholy.
(d) She is enjoying her life now.

2. Who tells Ming-Feng that she is to become Master Feng's concubine?
(a) Cheuh-hsin.
(b) Madame Chou.
(c) Mrs. Chang.
(d) Master Kao.

3. What is the name of Cheuh-hui's new magazine in Chapter 27?
(a) For the Masses.
(b) Down with the aristocracy.
(c) Equality.
(d) Liberty for all.

4. What does everyone seem to be thinking about as they hear the fighting outside the Kao compound?
(a) They think about the governor.
(b) They think about how much they love each other.
(c) They think about how to escape the city without notice.
(d) They think about dying.

5. What does Chin give to Cheuh-hui to take to Cheuh-min?
(a) A lock of hair.
(b) A letter.
(c) A photo of her.
(d) A fan.

6. How does Cheuh-hui respond when he hears that Wan-erh is going to the Fengs as a concubine?
(a) Excited.
(b) Sorry for her.
(c) Disheartend.
(d) Angry.

7. What curse are the Kao women afraid of?
(a) Curse of the seven sisters.
(b) Curse of the black night.
(c) Curse of the blood-glow.
(d) Curse of the undead.

8. What does Cheuh-min say he has been so wrapped up in that he has not had time to talk with Cheuh-hui about his feelings?
(a) His love for Chin.
(b) The ideas of the revolution.
(c) School work.
(d) Family obligations.

9. What does Master Kao tell Cheuh-min right before his death?
(a) That he still must go through with the arranged marriage.
(b) That he has disgraced the family.
(c) That he does not have to marry the Feng girl.
(d) That he is to have no inheritance.

10. Why do they not let Cheuh-hsin into the room when Jui-cheuh is giving birth?
(a) Because they fear that Cheuh-hsin may not be able to handle it.
(b) Because the room is not big enough.
(c) Because it would make Venerable Master Kao susceptible to the curse.
(d) Because it is against tradition for men to be in the birthing room.

11. Who beings arguing over the property soon after Master Kao passes?
(a) Madame Chou.
(b) The three brothers.
(c) The uncles.
(d) Mrs. Chang.

12. How is Cheuh-min's mindset in Chapter 31?
(a) Fearful and lonely.
(b) Lonely but cheerful.
(c) Frustrated and annoyed.
(d) Patient and hopeful.

13. Why is it that Cheuh-hsin cannot go outside to visit his wife for a few days?
(a) Because he does not like having to travel outside the city.
(b) Because he is needed at the magazine office.
(c) Because he has to supervise the building of Kao's gravesite.
(d) Because the women think he may be in danger.

14. What does a writer from Peking try to convince Chinese youths to do?
(a) Raise up in arms against the governor.
(b) Stop honoring the gods.
(c) Refuse to fall in love.
(d) Get an education.

15. What happens during the birth of Jui-cheuh's second child?
(a) She must have a C-section.
(b) She dies during the birth.
(c) The baby dies before it can be born.
(d) Jui-cheuh discovers she is having twins.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is Master Kao during all the fighting?

2. Who seems to be the most distraught by the military fighting that is happening?

3. What does Cheuh-hui hear when he arrives to the compound after school in Chapter 25?

4. What does Chin tell Cheuh-hui she is determined about?

5. Who has the governor ordered a campaign against in Chapter 19?

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