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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which family member stumbles upon Mei and Cheuh-hsin in the garden?
(a) Chueh-min.
(b) Shu-hua.
(c) Madam Chang.
(d) Uncle Ke-ting.

2. What is the state of the house Jui-cheuh must live in outside the city?
(a) Grand and well stocked.
(b) Warm and comfortable.
(c) Small but cozy.
(d) Damp with a dirt floor.

3. What does everyone seem to be thinking about as they hear the fighting outside the Kao compound?
(a) They think about how to escape the city without notice.
(b) They think about the governor.
(c) They think about how much they love each other.
(d) They think about dying.

4. Who else is Chien-erh burning money for?
(a) Madame Chou.
(b) Ming-feng.
(c) Mei.
(d) Yeh yeh.

5. Why is Chin so upset in Chapter 22?
(a) She is sad that her home was taken over.
(b) She is upset that she is not as strong as she is trying to be.
(c) She hates war.
(d) She is scared to be alone.

6. What is the subject of discussion for Chin and Shu-chen while they are taking a boat ride?
(a) Boys.
(b) Clothes.
(c) School.
(d) The future.

7. Who walks off with Mei after her confrontation with Chueh-hui in the garden?
(a) Chueh-min.
(b) Jui-chueh.
(c) Chin.
(d) Yeh yeh.

8. How does Cheuh-hui respond when he hears that Wan-erh is going to the Fengs as a concubine?
(a) Sorry for her.
(b) Disheartend.
(c) Angry.
(d) Excited.

9. Who is Cheuh-min to be married to?
(a) Fu's neice.
(b) Feng's daughter.
(c) Chou's grand-daughter.
(d) Zheng's daughter.

10. Which phrase best describes Mei's funeral?
(a) Small but emotional.
(b) Small and pointless.
(c) Large and grand.
(d) A big production.

11. How has Mei's disposition changed in Chapter 20 since the brothers have last seen her?
(a) It has not changed, she is still melancholy.
(b) She is very angry now.
(c) She is enjoying her life now.
(d) She is much happier now.

12. Why do Mrs. Chang, Chin, and Mei come to the Kao compound the day after the fighting starts?
(a) Because their house is too close to the fighting.
(b) Because Master Kao has invited them.
(c) Because they feel safer with the men.
(d) Because the military has taken over their home.

13. What does Cheuh-min say he has been so wrapped up in that he has not had time to talk with Cheuh-hui about his feelings?
(a) School work.
(b) His love for Chin.
(c) The ideas of the revolution.
(d) Family obligations.

14. Where is Master Kao during all the fighting?
(a) Visiting relatives.
(b) Fighting for the general.
(c) At the Kao compound.
(d) At Mrs. Chang's.

15. Why is Chien-erh burning money for Wan-erh?
(a) Because Wan-erh has died.
(b) Because Wan-erh's life is worse than death.
(c) In hopes that the gods will free Wan-erh.
(d) In order to curse Wan-erh.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who beings arguing over the property soon after Master Kao passes?

2. Upon hearing of the looting in the city, what orders does Cheuh-hsin give to his younger brothers?

3. What does a writer from Peking try to convince Chinese youths to do?

4. Why do they not let Cheuh-hsin into the room when Jui-cheuh is giving birth?

5. Who is the one person who knows where Cheuh-min is hiding?

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