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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Jui-cheuh have to go live outside the city gates until her child is born?
(a) Because of the fighting inside the city.
(b) Because she is in danger.
(c) Because the fears of the Kao women.
(d) Because it is tradition.

2. How long will Jui-cheuh have to live outside the city?
(a) Two months.
(b) Two weeks.
(c) A month.
(d) One year.

3. What does Cheuh-min say he has been so wrapped up in that he has not had time to talk with Cheuh-hui about his feelings?
(a) His love for Chin.
(b) Family obligations.
(c) School work.
(d) The ideas of the revolution.

4. How does Cheuh-hui get the others to turn the boat around and head back home?
(a) By convincing them that a storm is coming.
(b) By telling them that he does not feel well.
(c) By acting grumpy until they turn around.
(d) By telling them there are sweet dumplings at home.

5. Which phrase best describes Mei's funeral?
(a) Small but emotional.
(b) A big production.
(c) Large and grand.
(d) Small and pointless.

6. How does Jui-cheuh feel about being made to live outside the city in her state?
(a) She is angry and refuses.
(b) She is hurt by it.
(c) She is happy.
(d) She thinks it an adventure.

7. What does Master Kao tell Cheuh-min right before his death?
(a) That he is to have no inheritance.
(b) That he still must go through with the arranged marriage.
(c) That he has disgraced the family.
(d) That he does not have to marry the Feng girl.

8. What are the remaining people at the Kao compound fearful of as the fighting ceases?
(a) Their water rations.
(b) Injustice.
(c) Looting.
(d) Their food rations.

9. Who else is Chien-erh burning money for?
(a) Mei.
(b) Yeh yeh.
(c) Ming-feng.
(d) Madame Chou.

10. What does Cheuh-hsin tell Mei when he sees her in the garden?
(a) He feels she is being cruel toward him.
(b) He needs her to stay with him forever.
(c) He wishes she never returned to the city.
(d) He is glad she is so happy.

11. What is Ming-feng's ultimate reaction to being given as a concubine?
(a) She elopes with another man.
(b) She commits suicide.
(c) She runs away.
(d) She becomes a servant in someone else's household instead.

12. What does Cheuh-hui say to Mei's body as he leaves from paying his respect?
(a) My brother has always loved you.
(b) You didn't die; you've been murdered.
(c) You were too good a woman.
(d) Life has not been fair to you.

13. What is the state of the house Jui-cheuh must live in outside the city?
(a) Warm and comfortable.
(b) Grand and well stocked.
(c) Damp with a dirt floor.
(d) Small but cozy.

14. What do the women think will happen to Master Kao's corpse if Jui-cheuh has her baby in their home?
(a) The baby will be born a girl.
(b) The child she bears will be cursed.
(c) Jui-cheuh will be struck with illness.
(d) Her blood will attack his body.

15. Where is Master Kao during all the fighting?
(a) At the Kao compound.
(b) Visiting relatives.
(c) At Mrs. Chang's.
(d) Fighting for the general.

Short Answer Questions

1. What must be done to Master Kao's coffin to keep him safe from curses?

2. Why has Uncle Ke-ting been stealing from his wife?

3. Why is Chien-erh burning money for Wan-erh?

4. How does Cheuh-hui feel about himself in Chapter 26?

5. When Cheuh-hui hears that Jui-cheuh has been moved what does he tell his older brother?

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