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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who tells Cheuh-hui of Ming-feng's death?
(a) Cheuh-min.
(b) Chien-yun.
(c) Chin.
(d) Wan-erh.

2. Which phrase best describes Mei's funeral?
(a) Small and pointless.
(b) A big production.
(c) Small but emotional.
(d) Large and grand.

3. How do Cheuh-hui and Cheuh-min feel about the many lewd entertainments at the birthday celebration?
(a) They are disgusted by them.
(b) They don't really care either way.
(c) They think they are funny.
(d) They enjoy them.

4. Who tells Ming-Feng that she is to become Master Feng's concubine?
(a) Mrs. Chang.
(b) Madame Chou.
(c) Master Kao.
(d) Cheuh-hsin.

5. What happens during the birth of Jui-cheuh's second child?
(a) She must have a C-section.
(b) She dies during the birth.
(c) The baby dies before it can be born.
(d) Jui-cheuh discovers she is having twins.

6. Why is it that Cheuh-hsin cannot go outside to visit his wife for a few days?
(a) Because he does not like having to travel outside the city.
(b) Because he has to supervise the building of Kao's gravesite.
(c) Because he is needed at the magazine office.
(d) Because the women think he may be in danger.

7. How long will Jui-cheuh have to live outside the city?
(a) One year.
(b) A month.
(c) Two weeks.
(d) Two months.

8. What punishment does Master Kao make Ke-ting do in front of everyone?
(a) Curse himself.
(b) Cut off his hair.
(c) Cut off his beard.
(d) Hit himself.

9. Why is Cheuh-hui sick of the aristocratic life?
(a) He hates being rich.
(b) He hates the restraints that it brings.
(c) He is tired of being better than others.
(d) He is tired of not being able to pursue the revolution.

10. What does Cheuh-hui say to Mei's body as he leaves from paying his respect?
(a) Life has not been fair to you.
(b) You didn't die; you've been murdered.
(c) My brother has always loved you.
(d) You were too good a woman.

11. How is Cheuh-min's mindset in Chapter 31?
(a) Patient and hopeful.
(b) Fearful and lonely.
(c) Frustrated and annoyed.
(d) Lonely but cheerful.

12. Who walks off with Mei after her confrontation with Chueh-hui in the garden?
(a) Chin.
(b) Jui-chueh.
(c) Yeh yeh.
(d) Chueh-min.

13. Who else is Chien-erh burning money for?
(a) Madame Chou.
(b) Ming-feng.
(c) Yeh yeh.
(d) Mei.

14. Who seems to be the most distraught by the military fighting that is happening?
(a) Chin.
(b) Mei.
(c) Madam Chang.
(d) Jui-chueh.

15. What does Chin give to Cheuh-hui to take to Cheuh-min?
(a) A fan.
(b) A lock of hair.
(c) A letter.
(d) A photo of her.

Short Answer Questions

1. How old is the Venerable Master Kao going to be in Chapter 28?

2. Who is the first person Cheuh-hui goes to see after he visits his ill grandfather?

3. Where is Master Kao during all the fighting?

4. When Ming-feng goes to Cheuh-hui for help, how does he respond?

5. Who has the governor ordered a campaign against in Chapter 19?

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