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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Cheuh-min to be married to?
(a) Zheng's daughter.
(b) Feng's daughter.
(c) Fu's neice.
(d) Chou's grand-daughter.

2. Who tells Ming-Feng that she is to become Master Feng's concubine?
(a) Madame Chou.
(b) Master Kao.
(c) Mrs. Chang.
(d) Cheuh-hsin.

3. What do the women think will happen to Master Kao's corpse if Jui-cheuh has her baby in their home?
(a) Her blood will attack his body.
(b) Jui-cheuh will be struck with illness.
(c) The baby will be born a girl.
(d) The child she bears will be cursed.

4. What punishment does Master Kao make Ke-ting do in front of everyone?
(a) Cut off his beard.
(b) Hit himself.
(c) Curse himself.
(d) Cut off his hair.

5. What does Cheuh-min say he has been so wrapped up in that he has not had time to talk with Cheuh-hui about his feelings?
(a) School work.
(b) His love for Chin.
(c) The ideas of the revolution.
(d) Family obligations.

6. How does Cheuh-hui feel about himself in Chapter 26?
(a) He is proud of himself.
(b) He is confident in himself.
(c) He hates himself.
(d) He feels sorry for himself.

7. Who is the one person who knows where Cheuh-min is hiding?
(a) Cheuh-hsin.
(b) Cheuh-hui.
(c) Hui-ju.
(d) Cheuh-hsin's wife.

8. What reason does Cheuh-hsin give for not wanting his wife to go to pay Mei her respect?
(a) Mei would not want her there.
(b) There will be too many people there.
(c) She is pregnant and it would not be good.
(d) The journey is too difficult.

9. How does Jui-cheuh feel when her husband and son leave her home in chapter 36?
(a) Happy because she needs to rest.
(b) As though she will never see them again.
(c) Upset and frustrated with her husband.
(d) Sad but comforted that she will see them soon.

10. What is the subject of discussion for Chin and Shu-chen while they are taking a boat ride?
(a) Clothes.
(b) School.
(c) The future.
(d) Boys.

11. How is Cheuh-min's mindset in Chapter 31?
(a) Lonely but cheerful.
(b) Fearful and lonely.
(c) Patient and hopeful.
(d) Frustrated and annoyed.

12. What are the remaining people at the Kao compound fearful of as the fighting ceases?
(a) Injustice.
(b) Their food rations.
(c) Their water rations.
(d) Looting.

13. When Ming-feng goes to Cheuh-hui for help, how does he respond?
(a) He sends her to be a servant for Mrs. Wang.
(b) He tells her he will marry her instead.
(c) He convinces her to fun away.
(d) He tells her he is busy and to come talk to him in two days.

14. What advice does Cheuh-hsin give to his youngest brother about his arranged marriage?
(a) To just accept it.
(b) To refuse.
(c) To run away.
(d) To be positive and he will eventually fall in love.

15. Where is Master Kao during all the fighting?
(a) At Mrs. Chang's.
(b) Fighting for the general.
(c) At the Kao compound.
(d) Visiting relatives.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Cheuh-hui hears that Jui-cheuh has been moved what does he tell his older brother?

2. Who seems to be the most distraught by the military fighting that is happening?

3. Upon hearing of the looting in the city, what orders does Cheuh-hsin give to his younger brothers?

4. What is the name of the literary character the Chin is trying to be like?

5. Who seems to be the calmest about the military fighting?

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