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Sedan Chairs - Members of aristocratic families like the Kaos ride around town in these. Cheuh-hui refuses to ride in one.

Paper - This item is burned after a death to help the deceased person stave off hunger and want in the afterlife.

Magazines - Cheuh-hui and Cheuh-min work on these when they are frustrated with their family and their culture because it offers them an outlet for their feelings.

Kao Compound - This location is where much of the action in the novel takes place. It is here where the three brothers are raised; they find the place suffocating because of the feudal beliefs and superstitions held by those in control.

Plum Blossoms - Jui-cheuh gathers these items to arrange in her husband's room and embroiders them on his bedstead because he is so fond of them.

Soldiers in the Streets - These are seen as...

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