Family Character Descriptions

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Cheuh-hsin - This character is the eldest child in his family, and suffers greatly because he has never been able to stand up for himself.

Cheuh-min - This studious character falls in love with his cousin and runs away temporarily to avoid an arranged marriage.

Cheuh-hui - This character is a youngest child and is defiant and rebellious.

Venerable Master Kao - Working hard his entire life, this character has built his family up into a large and respected family in the city. He follows traditions strictly and rules the family with an iron fist.

Ming-feng - A sixteen-year-old bondservant, this character is sold as a concubine to a man she does not love.

Mei - This person has grown up with three cousins and, as a teenager, falls in love with one of the cousins. This character ultimately has to enter an arranged marriage that is...

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