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Chapters 1-3

• The story opens with two brothers, Chueh-hui and his older brother, walking home.

• When they get home, Chueh-hui talks with Ming-feng, a servant girl in his house who he thinks is beautiful.
• The boys' cousin Chin comes over for dinner along with two other aunts

• Chin is pretty, smart, and ambitious.
• Chin wants to attend the boys' school

• Chueh-hui calls to Ming-feng and asks her to bring them some tea so that he can try and talk with her.

• Ming-feng ends up getting in trouble because she has spent too much time taking Cheuh-hui his tea.

Chapters 4-6

• Ming-feng has spent the last seven years at the Kao compound.

• She is scared that she will always be a servant and will not have her own life or a home of her own.
• Chin asks her mother about going to the boys' school next year.

• Chin's mother...

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