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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 14.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of story does Vilas propose to write for his drama club?
(a) One of success.
(b) One about awakening the poor to their plight.
(c) One of life and celebration.
(d) One of torture and death.

2. At the beginning of the story, Nariman is preparing to celebrate which birthday?
(a) His seventy-ninth.
(b) His seventy-eighth.
(c) His eightieth.
(d) His seventy-seventh.

3. What does Nariman tell Roxana when she takes him in?
(a) He tells her how good Coomy has been to him.
(b) He tells her it was not his idea to come to her home.
(c) He tells her he can't wait to get inside with her family.
(d) He apologizes for being a burden.

4. What does Nariman encourage Roxana and Yezad to do to help their financial situation?
(a) Put him in a nursing home.
(b) Ask Coomy and Jal to turn over his savings account.
(c) Take him back to his own home where Coomy and Jal live.
(d) Sell their home and move into his old home with Coomy and Jal.

5. What was Dr. Tarapore's decision concerning Nariman?
(a) That he would remove the entire cast immediately.
(b) That Nariman should wear the cast for another month.
(c) That he should wait another week to remove the cast.
(d) That he should replace Nariman's cast with a lighter one.

Short Answer Questions

1. What service does Jehangir provide for Nariman?

2. Why do Coomy and Jal not want Nariman to go out alone?

3. What are Roxana and Yezad most concerned about when it looks like Nariman will be staying with them for a while?

4. What happens as the Chenoys wait at the bus stop?

5. Because of her many rules and constant crabbing, Nariman thinks Coomy is best suited for which of the following positions?

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