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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Simon find Henry holed up?
(a) Lewes.
(b) London.
(c) Northampton.
(d) Dover.

2. What argument is made in answer to the complaints?
(a) That the lords themselves were corrupt.
(b) That the lords are too well taken care of, and are getting spoiled.
(c) That Simon has the right as seneschal to do what he likes.
(d) That Simon was only doing what was necessary.

3. What does Henry tell Simon in his letter?
(a) He wants to negotiate.
(b) He wants a truce.
(c) He refuses a truce.
(d) He wants Simon to surrender.

4. What is the king's response to the complaints made about Simon?
(a) He keeps Simon's children as hostages.
(b) He sends a new seneschal to rule.
(c) He leaves Simon in charge.
(d) He limits Simon's power.

5. What happens when Edward shows up at Kenilworth?
(a) Edward is killed in the fighting.
(b) Bran's army is routed.
(c) Bran triumphs over Edward's army.
(d) Bran's army retreats inside the castle, and a futile siege begins.

6. What happens to Simon's reputation after his death?
(a) People think he was corrupt and weak.
(b) People think he was in league with Edward.
(c) People think he was a saint.
(d) People think he was a French stooge.

7. What additional oversight will the government be subjected to, as a result of the Oxford Provisions?
(a) International audits.
(b) A council of international advisors.
(c) Oversight by a new class of experts and bureaucrats.
(d) A more active parliament.

8. What have Henry's barons been trying to convince him to do?
(a) Stop supporting the Lusignans.
(b) Return the Lusignan territory to France.
(c) War against the Lusignan family.
(d) Absorb the Lusignans' territories.

9. How are Nell's issues handled?
(a) She is browbeaten with the threat of war.
(b) She is blockaded.
(c) She is paid the money she says she is owed.
(d) She is imprisoned.

10. What happens to Nell after Simon's death?
(a) She goes into exile in France.
(b) She is killed by Simon's forces.
(c) She is kept a prisoner in Dover Castle.
(d) She is married to Edward's son Edward.

11. What does Davydd hope he can do in Wales?
(a) Become more powerful.
(b) Free Owain.
(c) Pose a threat to the king.
(d) Unite the people.

12. What do Prince Edward and Simon work together to do?
(a) Conquer all of the British Isles.
(b) Get the king to abide by the Oxford Provisions.
(c) Undermine the Oxford Provisions.
(d) Declare war against France.

13. Where is Edward trapped?
(a) London Tower.
(b) Llanfaes.
(c) Gloucester Castle.
(d) Gascony.

14. How does Simon's army attempt to escape?
(a) By surrendering.
(b) By subterfuge.
(c) By withstanding a siege.
(d) By concentrating on one spot in the lines.

15. What does Simon assemble in 1263?
(a) An army.
(b) A navy.
(c) An international consensus.
(d) A governing council.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Simon have to do after the victory over Henry?

2. Why does Harry de Montfort let Edward go?

3. What did the Oxford Provisions prohibit?

4. What happens in the first wave of the attack?

5. What do Simon and his knights do after they get Henry's letter?

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