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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Llewelyn give Davydd?
(a) An army.
(b) Transportation out of Wales in exile.
(c) A share of his power.
(d) Land.

2. What does Parliament struggle to determine?
(a) Whether to abolish the monarchy.
(b) What to do about Wales.
(c) How to protect against an invasion from France.
(d) What powers Henry should have.

3. Where is Edward trapped?
(a) London Tower.
(b) Gloucester Castle.
(c) Gascony.
(d) Llanfaes.

4. How are Nell's issues handled?
(a) She is paid the money she says she is owed.
(b) She is blockaded.
(c) She is imprisoned.
(d) She is browbeaten with the threat of war.

5. What do Prince Edward and Simon work together to do?
(a) Declare war against France.
(b) Undermine the Oxford Provisions.
(c) Get the king to abide by the Oxford Provisions.
(d) Conquer all of the British Isles.

6. How does Edward get into Northampton to attack Simon's army?
(a) Inhabitants of the city defeated Simons army and then opened the gates.
(b) He batters down the walls.
(c) A monk weakened the wall.
(d) Simon thought he was letting him in for a negotiation.

7. Who rescues the Queen from the attack?
(a) Thomas Fitz Thomas.
(b) King Henry.
(c) King Louis.
(d) Simon.

8. What does Henry tell Simon in his letter?
(a) He refuses a truce.
(b) He wants a truce.
(c) He wants Simon to surrender.
(d) He wants to negotiate.

9. What happens to Nell after Simon's death?
(a) She goes into exile in France.
(b) She is killed by Simon's forces.
(c) She is kept a prisoner in Dover Castle.
(d) She is married to Edward's son Edward.

10. What is the result of Simon's plan to escape?
(a) It fails and Simon surrenders to save the army.
(b) The army is slaughtered.
(c) Most of the army escapes.
(d) A standoff that lasts for months.

11. What does Simon do with the organization he builds?
(a) Use it to spread the concept of universal rights on the Continent.
(b) War against those who will not follow the Oxford Provisions.
(c) Use it to build a system of patronage and protection.
(d) Undermine the Oxford Provisions.

12. How does Edward's army defeat Simon's at Evesham?
(a) They disguise themselves with captured uniforms from Bran's army.
(b) They approach silently at dawn.
(c) They send false reports of peace in the outskirts of the town.
(d) They approach flying Bran's standards.

13. What does his trouble impinge upon?
(a) His sleep.
(b) His celebration of Epiphany.
(c) His authority.
(d) His mobility.

14. What are Edward's plans with regard to Wales?
(a) Exploit.
(b) Pacify.
(c) Invade.
(d) Ignore.

15. Where does Simon find Henry holed up?
(a) London.
(b) Lewes.
(c) Dover.
(d) Northampton.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Harry de Montfort let Edward go?

2. What did the Oxford Provisions prohibit?

3. Where does the meeting of barons take place?

4. What happens to Simon's reputation after his death?

5. What is the king's response to the complaints made about Simon?

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