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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens when the King agrees to Simon's demands?
(a) Simon refuses to return to England.
(b) Simon hands over conspirators working against the king.
(c) Simon makes new demands.
(d) Simon raises an army against him.

2. What are the terms Simon give Henry in surrender?
(a) The Oxford Provisions.
(b) He lets Henry go without much by way of reparation.
(c) He decimates Henry's troops.
(d) He demands unconditional surrender.

3. How does Edward's army defeat Simon's at Evesham?
(a) They send false reports of peace in the outskirts of the town.
(b) They approach flying Bran's standards.
(c) They approach silently at dawn.
(d) They disguise themselves with captured uniforms from Bran's army.

4. What authority has stood behind the Lusignans?
(a) King Henry's.
(b) The Pope's.
(c) Gruffydd's.
(d) King John's.

5. What do Nell and Richard try to convince Guy de Lusignan to do?
(a) Betray his siblings.
(b) Join them against the King.
(c) Give them shelter.
(d) Rein in his siblings' behavior.

6. What argument is made in answer to the complaints?
(a) That the lords are too well taken care of, and are getting spoiled.
(b) That Simon has the right as seneschal to do what he likes.
(c) That the lords themselves were corrupt.
(d) That Simon was only doing what was necessary.

7. What gives Simon cause to worry after his victory?
(a) He is short of supplies.
(b) The king's supporters undermine him.
(c) His men desert.
(d) He is running out of money.

8. What is Simon involved in when he hears of the illness of his daughter?
(a) Financial negotiations.
(b) Political meetings.
(c) Military planning.
(d) A military campaign.

9. What happens in the first wave of the attack?
(a) Simon's knights pin Edward in the city.
(b) Edward turns the attackers back, and follows them into the woods.
(c) King Henry surrenders.
(d) Simon's army is routed.

10. Who is almost trapped when Londoners lock the drawbridge in the up position?
(a) Simon.
(b) The Queen.
(c) Edward.
(d) King Henry.

11. What is the verdict of mediation between King Henry and Simon de Montfort?
(a) Henry is told to leave the country.
(b) Parliament will have power now.
(c) Louis finds for Henry.
(d) Henry and Simon are told to share power.

12. Why is Henry in the Tower of London?
(a) For fear of Simon's army.
(b) For his role in Gruffydd's death.
(c) For his opposition to the Lusignans.
(d) As punishment for his support of the Barons' crimes.

13. What does Nell do for Elen's children?
(a) Helps them make good marriages.
(b) Provides them with money, and political connections.
(c) Saves them from assassination attempts.
(d) Cares for them after Elen she dies.

14. What have Henry's barons been trying to convince him to do?
(a) Return the Lusignan territory to France.
(b) Absorb the Lusignans' territories.
(c) War against the Lusignan family.
(d) Stop supporting the Lusignans.

15. What is Henry's response to the outcome?
(a) Relief.
(b) Despair.
(c) Outrage.
(d) Fear.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Henry want to stop at Evesham?

2. What does his trouble impinge upon?

3. What kind of trouble is King Henry having at the beginning of Chapter 19?

4. What do Davydd and Owain want to gain by invading Gwynedd?

5. Why can Henry not raise an army of his own?

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