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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to Simon's reputation after his death?
(a) People think he was a saint.
(b) People think he was corrupt and weak.
(c) People think he was in league with Edward.
(d) People think he was a French stooge.

2. What authority has stood behind the Lusignans?
(a) The Pope's.
(b) King Henry's.
(c) King John's.
(d) Gruffydd's.

3. What is the king's response to the complaints made about Simon?
(a) He sends a new seneschal to rule.
(b) He leaves Simon in charge.
(c) He limits Simon's power.
(d) He keeps Simon's children as hostages.

4. What has happened to Simon's body after his death?
(a) It is mutilated.
(b) It is cremated at a big funeral.
(c) It is buried in holy ground.
(d) It is sanctified.

5. What happens in the first wave of the attack?
(a) Simon's army is routed.
(b) King Henry surrenders.
(c) Simon's knights pin Edward in the city.
(d) Edward turns the attackers back, and follows them into the woods.

6. Where does Edward join King Henry?
(a) In the church where he surrenders.
(b) In the palace where they are taken prisoner.
(c) In Dover, where they are kept as prisoners together after the battle.
(d) In the forest.

7. What does Edward end up with after fighting Bran's army?
(a) Power to revoke the Oxford Provisions.
(b) Their banners.
(c) Power of England and France.
(d) The ability to protect Henry from the Barons.

8. How does Edward's army defeat Simon's at Evesham?
(a) They disguise themselves with captured uniforms from Bran's army.
(b) They approach silently at dawn.
(c) They approach flying Bran's standards.
(d) They send false reports of peace in the outskirts of the town.

9. What is the result of the debate over Simon?
(a) Simon has to leave to put down a rebellion.
(b) The trial is abandoned and rescheduled.
(c) He is found innocent.
(d) He is found guilty.

10. How does Edward learn that Bran's army is exposed?
(a) He has a spy in the army.
(b) Citizens of Kenilworth report it to him.
(c) He had arranged with one of Bran's knights to arrange it.
(d) He arrives at Kenilworth and surprises them.

11. How are Nell's issues handled?
(a) She is blockaded.
(b) She is browbeaten with the threat of war.
(c) She is paid the money she says she is owed.
(d) She is imprisoned.

12. What happens when Edward shows up at Kenilworth?
(a) Bran's army is routed.
(b) Bran's army retreats inside the castle, and a futile siege begins.
(c) Edward is killed in the fighting.
(d) Bran triumphs over Edward's army.

13. What are the terms Simon give Henry in surrender?
(a) The Oxford Provisions.
(b) He lets Henry go without much by way of reparation.
(c) He decimates Henry's troops.
(d) He demands unconditional surrender.

14. What happens when Simon commits his whole force to the attack?
(a) They quickly overrun the city.
(b) They are stalemated for days.
(c) They are attacked from the flank, and routed.
(d) They become confused, and end up fighting each other.

15. What do Prince Edward and Simon work together to do?
(a) Undermine the Oxford Provisions.
(b) Get the king to abide by the Oxford Provisions.
(c) Conquer all of the British Isles.
(d) Declare war against France.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Henry want to stop at Evesham?

2. What does Simon have to do after the victory over Henry?

3. What is Simon involved in when he hears of the illness of his daughter?

4. What are Edward's plans with regard to Wales?

5. What is Simon accused of?

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