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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Llelo do when he hears that Llewelyn is dying?
(a) Obtains his permission to go to him.
(b) He refuses to go to him.
(c) He joins up in his father's army to besiege his castle.
(d) He goes away.

2. What do the Welsh offer after the English attack?
(a) A disorganized defense.
(b) A humiliating flight.
(c) An effective counterattack.
(d) An admirable defense.

3. What is Llanfaes?
(a) Johanna's parents' estate.
(b) Wilderness.
(c) A castle where Johanna was imprisoned.
(d) A summer cottage.

4. What has Davydd done to Gruffydd and Owain?
(a) Kidnapped them.
(b) Drugged them.
(c) Poisoned them.
(d) Hidden them.

5. Who is Rhodri?
(a) Gruffydd's son.
(b) Davydd's son.
(c) Llewelyn's nephew.
(d) Llelo's uncle.

6. What does Henry accuse Simon of?
(a) Cowardice.
(b) Duplicity.
(c) Lying.
(d) Betrayal.

7. What territory does Simon acquire after the war?
(a) Gascony.
(b) Burgundy.
(c) London.
(d) Wales.

8. Where does Llelo find Elen when he comes to visit her?
(a) At Llanfaes.
(b) At the White Ladies Priory.
(c) At Mon.
(d) At Cricieth Castle.

9. How does Gruffydd's happiness with things affect the relationship between Gruffydd and Llewelyn?
(a) Llewelyn is angry to see Gruffydd gloating.
(b) Llewelyn distrusts Gruffydd because of his happiness.
(c) The bitterness between them cannot be overcome.
(d) They lay aside their differences.

10. What happens to lift Nell's mood?
(a) Simon returns.
(b) She is told that Simon has been promoted.
(c) She hears that her sister is recovering.
(d) She has a baby.

11. What do Gruffydd and Owain plan to use for escape?
(a) Disguises.
(b) Knives made from cutlery.
(c) Forged documents.
(d) A rope made from bedding.

12. Why are Gruffydd and Senena asked to leave the castle?
(a) They have humiliated themselves.
(b) They fight with Llewelyn's other children.
(c) They have stolen from Llewelyn.
(d) They have disgraced Llewelyn.

13. What does Llelo overhear in the garden?
(a) That Senena's children will be hostages to the king.
(b) That Simon will be killed.
(c) That Gruffydd and Owain will be killed.
(d) That Gruffydd will be made king.

14. What does England gain as part of the surrender?
(a) Castles.
(b) Davydd's daughters.
(c) All of Gruffydd's wealth.
(d) Armies.

15. How is Henry's war with France seen by the people?
(a) Necessary.
(b) Wasteful.
(c) Unpopular.
(d) Righteous.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is John suffering from when Elen and Nell arrive?

2. What is the consequence of Henry's war with France?

3. What kind of person is Simon de Montfort discovered to be, when he enters his meeting?

4. What does Llelo want in his father's chamber?

5. What does Llewelyn Fawr build at Llanfaes?

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