Falls the Shadow Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Why is Llelo's relationship with his grandfather a secret?

Llelo likes his grandfather, but his own father, Gruffydd, bears a grudge against his father, and Llelo cannot contend with his father's anger. When Gruffydd and Senena are asked to leave Llewelyn's funeral, Llelo refuses to go with them.

2. Who are Llelo's parents, and what status does this give him?

Llelo is the son of Gruffydd and his mistress, Tangswytl. He is distinguished from Gruffydd's eldest son Owain, by standing apart from his father's anger at his own father, Llewelyn.

3. What does Llelo see that he is not supposed to see, and what does his father make him do?

Llelo comes into his father's chamber at night, to get a snack, and sees his father in the throes of a nightmare. When his father wakes up and sees him there, he makes Llelo swear not to tell anyone what he's seen. This is probably foreshadowing some darkness that Llelo will not be able to go along with.

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