Falls the Shadow Character Descriptions

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Simon de Montfort, Earl of Leicester

This person takes his household knights to fight in the Holy Land during the crusades, and becomes seneschal in Gascony.

King Henry III

This person is weak and is not a strong leader.

Prince Edward

This person leads an army to victory over forces that would subordinate the King to the Oxford Provisions.

Eleanor 'Nell' de Montfort, Countess of Liecester

This person was married as a child to the Earl of Pembroke.

Llewelyn ap Gruffydd

This person chooses the side of Wales against England, and united Wales.

Llewelyn Fawr

This person is the first one to unite Wales and to accept homage of all the other princes of Wales.

Gruffydd ap Llewelyn

This person is unhappy when Llewelyn Fawr marries a French-Norman woman.

Davydd ap Llewelyn

This person makes peace with England in order to focus on a civil war with a...

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