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Prologue and Chapters 1-2

• Llelo witnesses his father's nightmare, and is sworn to secrecy about it.
• He visits his grandfather, and is there when his grandfather's wife Johanna dies.
• When his grandfather has a stroke, Llelo's father and step-mother start a fight with Llewelyn's other children, and they are asked to leave.

Chapters 3-5

• Gruffydd tells his father that he is glad to see him recovering from his stroke, but there is still resentment between them.
• Nell tells her brother King Henry that she is already pregnant with Simon de Montfort's baby, and he allows the match.
• Davydd is names Llewelyn Fawr's heir, and when Gruffydd refuses to pay homage to him, Davydd takes his lands.

Chapters 6-10

• Henry sends Nell and Simon de Montfort out of the church when he finds out that his sister tricked him about her pregnancy, but he acts as though nothing happened...

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