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Short Answer Questions

1. How does Richie get away from the fight after he has been shot?

2. During a fight with Vietnamese soldiers, where is Richie shot?

3. What American holiday is approaching at the same time as the Vietnamese New Year?

4. Who is loaded onto the helicopter with Richie after he has been shot?

5. What character is Richie reunited with when he is resting in the hospital?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Richie do with his Purple Heart?

2. How are Richie and Peewee separated from the rest of their troop?

3. What happens when the Vietnamese allies want the American troops to help them capture a crucial hill?

4. Where do Richie and Peewee spend the night when they are separated from their squad, and how do they find their way there?

5. In Kenny's letter to Richie about Johnny Robinson, what does he say?

6. What happens when the allies bring in a Vietnamese mother and her two small children found wandering around the rice paddies?

7. What conversation does Richie get into with Johnson about the war protesters?

8. What do the American soldiers see when they return to the village in Vietnam that they had recently tried to pacify?

9. What is the reaction among the troops when the newspaper arrives with photos of war protesters burning their draft cards?

10. What power struggle arises between Johnson and Stewart in the battlefield of the reclaimed hill?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

All of the soldiers see great traumas during their time in Vietnam, and each of the soldiers has their own coping mechanism. Choose two soldiers from the novel describe the scenes that most affected them during their time in service. Then, briefly compare/contrast their coping mechanisms.

Essay Topic 2

All of the soldiers in Richie's squad have joined the army for very different reasons. Choose three soldiers from Richie's squad and briefly describe their reasons for joining the army. Then, explain how those motivations affected the soldier's performance in battle.

Essay Topic 3

"Fallen Angel" has sometimes been called an antiwar novel. Do you agree with this assessment? Why or why not. Discuss the ways that the novel acts as an antiwar novel and the ways that it acts as a pro-war novel.

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