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Short Answer Questions

1. Who opens fire on the Vietnamese soldiers?

2. What reason does Captain Stewart give to the soldiers as to why they will be going on a reconnaissance mission?

3. Who writes a letter to Tuner's parents?

4. What happens when the soldiers realize that the war will not be ending anytime soon?

5. How did Richie know Johnny Robinson?

Short Essay Questions

1. What race relation issues come to light during the time of Vietnamese Tet?

2. What does Richie do with his Purple Heart?

3. What conversation does Richie get into with Johnson about the war protesters?

4. Why do the rescue choppers open fire on the Vietnamese allies?

5. How does it come to be that Richie is shot?

6. How does Richie kill his first Vietcong soldier, and what is his reaction to the killing?

7. What is the reaction among the troops when the newspaper arrives with photos of war protesters burning their draft cards?

8. What happens when the Vietnamese allies want the American troops to help them capture a crucial hill?

9. What do the American soldiers see when they return to the village in Vietnam that they had recently tried to pacify?

10. What letter does Gearhart give to Richie and Walowick to hold onto?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The letters that the soldiers send home are the only outlet that they have to their families.

Part 1) Explain the importance of the letters written from the soldiers to their families.

Part 2) Explain the importance of the letters written from family to the soldiers.

Part 3) Compare/contrast the letter writing processes of Richie and Peewee.

Essay Topic 2

Throughout the novel, many myths of what happens to a good, or strong, soldier are presented. Chose two military myths that were presented in the novel, and explain the ways that the reality of war in Richie's experience dispelled those myths.

Essay Topic 3

The novel presents many different leaders in the novel's army. Choose three of the military leaders in the novel and briefly describe each of their leadership styles. Then briefly describe the way that the soldiers reacted to each of their leadership styles.

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