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Short Answer Questions

1. From which soldier does Richie borrow a Bible so that he can read the Lord's prayer?

2. Which of the following is NOT a reason why Richie joined the army?

3. How many soldiers in Richie's platoon are promoted after the village ambush?

4. Who does Lobel warn Richie not to become?

5. What type of home remedy does Peewee purchase from a local healer?

Short Essay Questions

1. While they are on patrol together, what does Richie tell Lobel about his letter-writing problems, and what is Lobel's response?

2. How are Richie and Peewee separated from the rest of their troop?

3. What is Richie's response to seeing his first dead enemy soldier?

4. When does Richie realize that Johnson would have been a natural-born leader?

5. Why isn't Richie able to answer the question about his future goals when speaking to the Red Cross workers?

6. What letter does Gearhart give to Richie and Walowick to hold onto?

7. During the slow days, what does Richie learn about his fellow soldiers Brew, Lobel, and Monaco?

8. How does Monaco escape the clutches of the Vietnamese soldiers?

9. How does Richie explain the shooting of the Vietcong soldier to his brother, Kenny?

10. What offer does Lieutenant Carroll give to Richie in regard to his medical records, and what is Richie's response?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The idea of heroism is present alongside the romanticism of soldiers. Choose two soldiers in the novel and describe the vocalizations these soldiers raise about heroism. Then, compare/contrast those vocalizations to the actual reactions the soldier see when they are faced with moments of heroism.

Essay Topic 2

In many of his missions throughout Vietnam, Richie wonders whether the American troops are there to help the Vietnamese villages or there to harm them. Choose two instances in the novel in which the moral ambiguity of the situation was highlighted. Then, explain how those instances led to Richie's uncertainty over the war in general.

Essay Topic 3

Throughout the novel, many myths of what happens to a good, or strong, soldier are presented. Chose two military myths that were presented in the novel, and explain the ways that the reality of war in Richie's experience dispelled those myths.

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