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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Richie feel when he is running to escape the fighting in the village?
(a) As though his legs are made of concrete.
(b) As though there is someone else running in his body.
(c) As though he is the fastest man on earth.
(d) As though he cannot keep up with the other soldiers.

2. Which soldier admits that he wanted to run to Canada when he heard he was drafted?
(a) Rings.
(b) Brew.
(c) Johnson.
(d) Brunner.

3. What does Richie think that his time in the hospital has done to him?
(a) Softened him to war.
(b) Hardened him to war.
(c) Alienated him from his troop.
(d) Made him a target for the enemy.

4. After the trauma of visiting the recently pacified Vietnamese village, whose bed does Richie sleep in for comfort?
(a) Ring's.
(b) Monaco's.
(c) Lobel's.
(d) Peewee's.

5. How many of the three soldiers--Peewee, Richie, and the captive--are able to escape the Vietnamese troops?
(a) None of them.
(b) All three of them.
(c) One of them.
(d) Two of them.

Short Answer Questions

1. Whose nineteenth birthday is celebrated by the troops when they return from the mission in the Vietnamese village?

2. What type of soldier does the new lieutenant like to put in the most dangerous military positions?

3. What character is Richie reunited with when he is resting in the hospital?

4. Why doesn't the grenade that Richie throws into the Vietnamese hut explode?

5. How did Richie know Johnny Robinson?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Kenny's letter to Richie about Johnny Robinson, what does he say?

2. How are Richie and Peewee separated from the rest of their troop?

3. What do the American soldiers see when they return to the village in Vietnam that they had recently tried to pacify?

4. What letter does Gearhart give to Richie and Walowick to hold onto?

5. What power struggle arises between Johnson and Stewart in the battlefield of the reclaimed hill?

6. What is the reaction among the troops when the newspaper arrives with photos of war protesters burning their draft cards?

7. What happens during the Lieutenant Gearhart's first reconnaissance mission in Vietnam?

8. What happens when the Vietnamese allies want the American troops to help them capture a crucial hill?

9. What does Richie do with his Purple Heart?

10. What happens when the allies bring in a Vietnamese mother and her two small children found wandering around the rice paddies?

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