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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Richie feel about seeing his fellow soldier die during their first patrol?
(a) He feels terrified.
(b) He feels excited.
(c) He feels apathetic.
(d) He feels guilty.

2. How are the injured American soldiers transported out of the battle zone?
(a) By train.
(b) By cab.
(c) By airplane.
(d) By helicopter.

3. What is the name of the soldier that was once a star high school athlete?
(a) Lobel.
(b) Johnson.
(c) Brew.
(d) Monaco.

4. Which of the following is NOT one of Peewee's life goals?
(a) To smoke a cigar.
(b) To make love to a foreign woman.
(c) To speak another language.
(d) To drink wine from a bottle with a cork.

5. Where is the man living that Richie used to write letters to and contemplates asking the man to return the favor?
(a) In a trailer park.
(b) In the projects.
(c) In prison.
(d) In a nursing home.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the soldier in the breakfast hall call Peewee and Richie when they refuse his offer?

2. In a note to Peewee, who does Earlene promise to name her next child after?

3. What is Peewee's real name?

4. How long do Peewee and Richie wait before receiving their camp assignment?

5. What does Jenkins tell Richie that he fears about being in the army?

Short Essay Questions

1. After returning from a Vietnamese village, what does Sergeant Simpson tell the troops Captain Stewart?

2. How does Lieutenant Carroll die?

3. What happens to Richie's knee, and why is he still sent to Vietnam?

4. Why does Jenkins say that he has joined the army, and what is his fear of war?

5. What happens to the soldiers while they are on a layover in Osaka, Japan?

6. During the slow days, what does Richie learn about his fellow soldiers Brew, Lobel, and Monaco?

7. Before the troops see any action, what does Richie think about the fighting?

8. What does Captain Stewart change about Monaco's kill report, and why?

9. What is Richie's response to seeing his first dead enemy soldier?

10. Why do the American troops ambush the village that they had recently pacified?

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