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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Richie continually want to write letters to his brother?
(a) To practice his handwriting.
(b) To make his brother proud.
(c) To vent some of his emotions.
(d) To brag about the work he is doing.

2. In what state does Richie complete his basic training?
(a) Michigan.
(b) Maryland.
(c) Maine.
(d) Massachusetts.

3. When Richie is pondering his own death, who does he wonder will miss him?
(a) The army.
(b) His mother.
(c) Kenny.
(d) Peewee.

4. What does Jenkins tell Richie that he fears about being in the army?
(a) That he won't be good at his job.
(b) That he will have to kill others.
(c) That he will be killed.
(d) That he will love war.

5. Which of the following medications is brought to a Vietnamese village by the troops?
(a) Malaria pills.
(b) Vitamins.
(c) Iodine pills.
(d) Antihistimine pills.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which soldier says that he is in Vietnam to stop the spread of communism?

2. During the friendly fire of the Charlie Company patrol, how many American soldiers are killed?

3. After the pacification mission, who comes to attack the villagers?

4. What is the name of the camp where Peewee and Richie's platoon is sent?

5. Who does Johnson get into a racially charged argument with?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why isn't Richie able to answer the question about his future goals when speaking to the Red Cross workers?

2. How do the soldiers pass the time around the barracks when they have no missions to attend to?

3. What does Captain Stewart change about Monaco's kill report, and why?

4. What does Lobel tell Richie about himself, and his obsession with Hollywood, while the two are on patrol together?

5. Why do the American troops ambush the village that they had recently pacified?

6. Why does Richard Perry decide to join the army?

7. What reasons drew Richie into joining the army?

8. What advice does Walowick give to Richie in regard to the dead Vietcong soldier?

9. What happens when Richie is out on patrol with the Charlie Company?

10. What offer does Lieutenant Carroll give to Richie in regard to his medical records, and what is Richie's response?

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