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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Richie feel certain is the good guy in the Vietnam war.
(a) Richie is unsure who the "good guys" in the war are.
(b) Richie is sure the Americans are the "good guys."
(c) Richie is sure that there are not "good guys" in the war.
(d) Richie is sure the Vietcong are the "good guys."

2. When Richie thinks about going AWOL, what country does he plan to run to?
(a) Sweden.
(b) Denmark.
(c) Iceland.
(d) Canada.

3. Who is the first to open fire on the Vietnamese soldiers, allowing the chopper to land safely?
(a) Vietnamese allies.
(b) Richie and Peewee.
(c) Lobel and Walowick.
(d) The chopper.

4. Which soldier promises to come to Richie and Peewee's aid if problems arise in camp over their new lieutenant?
(a) Lobel.
(b) Brunner.
(c) Monaco.
(d) Rings.

5. Who tells Richie that there is no meaning to the war in Vietnam?
(a) Brunner.
(b) Brew.
(c) Johnson.
(d) Rings.

6. Why do the Vietnamese allies turn against the American troops?
(a) Because they believe the war in Vietnam is no longer just.
(b) Because they were enemy soldiers in disguise.
(c) Because they believe the American soldiers are racist.
(d) Because they want to be evacuated first.

7. After Richie and Peewee are separated from their squad, where do they spend the night?
(a) Up in a tree.
(b) Inside a burned-out hut.
(c) In the reeds of a swamp.
(d) In a hole.

8. What does Richie do when Brew is dying?
(a) Prays with him.
(b) Promises to write a letter to his mother.
(c) Tells him a funny joke.
(d) Holds his hand.

9. Who is loaded onto the helicopter with Richie after he has been shot?
(a) Peewee.
(b) Brew.
(c) Sergeant Simpson.
(d) Lieutenant Doyle.

10. What do the American soldiers remove from the dead soldiers to keep the enemy from identifying them?
(a) Their state I.D.s
(b) Their driver's licences.
(c) Their passports.
(d) Their dog tags.

11. What do the American soldiers do to the bodies of their dead soldiers to prevent the enemy from mutilating them?
(a) Burn the bodies.
(b) Drown the bodies.
(c) Carry the bodies home with them.
(d) Bury the bodies.

12. Which soldier accidentally releases a flare during a fight, revealing the position of the troops?
(a) Sergeant Simpson.
(b) Lieutenant Gearhart.
(c) Captain Stewart.
(d) Lieutenant Doyle.

13. How does Richie feel when he is running to escape the fighting in the village?
(a) As though his legs are made of concrete.
(b) As though he cannot keep up with the other soldiers.
(c) As though there is someone else running in his body.
(d) As though he is the fastest man on earth.

14. What is Johnson's advice to Richie when they are discussing the war protesters?
(a) To stop worrying about the Vietnamese and start worrying about the Americans.
(b) To stop worrying about staying alive and start worrying about the bigger issues.
(c) To stop worrying about the Americans and start worrying about the Vietnamese.
(d) To stop worrying about the bigger issues and just worry about staying alive.

15. Where do Richie and Peewee make their way to after being separated from the squad?
(a) Back to the original chopper landing zone.
(b) They travel nowhere, opting to stay in the place they were separated.
(c) Back to their camp.
(d) Out to an open field.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which soldier's girlfriend sends him a letter proposing marriage?

2. What does Richie tell Kenny in the letter he writes about the Vietcong soldier?

3. During a fight with Vietnamese soldiers, where is Richie shot?

4. Who are the Vietnamese soldiers holding as bait, trying to encourage the chopper to arrive?

5. Which soldier is approached by Lt. Dongan asking if Lobel is a homosexual?

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