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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does society need to stop an argument from stretching into affinity?
(a) God
(b) The dynamics between master and servant
(c) Children
(d) The dynamics between man and woman

2. What question does the first line of this chapter ask?
(a) Who is the auditor?
(b) What is a judge-penitent?
(c) Why is the bar called Mexico City?
(d) Where is Amsterdan?

3. What does Clamence have a firm belief in?
(a) His seduction of women
(b) His intelligence
(c) His abilty as a lawyer
(d) His superioty

4. What was the deus ex machina's role in a play?
(a) To kill the maiden
(b) To pronouce its beginning
(c) To save the maiden
(d) To pronounce its end

5. What does the Nazi soldier ask a mother?
(a) If she loves her sons
(b) If she wants to kill her child herself
(c) Which of her sons should be executed
(d) If she has a cigarette

Short Answer Questions

1. What two things does Clamence claim he shares with the auditor?

2. What drink does Clamence talk lyrically about?

3. What is the only language the bartender speaks?

4. Who does Clamence claim he waits for in Mexico City?

5. What does Clamence accuse the Dutch of being?

Short Essay Questions

1. What was Clamence's role in Paris society?

2. How does Clamence see himself?

3. How does the narrator describe the bartender?

4. Why does Clamence say it is easier to be closer to a dead person?

5. What is a deus ex machina?

6. What does Clamence show himself up to be in this chapter?

7. What is the significance of Clamence calling himself Jean-Baptiste?

8. Summarize the story about the motorcycle Clamence tells in chapter 3?

9. What does Clamence talk about on the walk to the hotel?

10. What is Clamence's relationship with women?

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