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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Clamence write poetry about?
(a) The Arabs
(b) The affect of God on his life
(c) Athesists
(d) Virtues of things he once thought awful

2. What is a little ease?
(a) A torture instrument
(b) A young prostitute
(c) A sex toy
(d) A fountain pen

3. What does Clamence say women do in Greece?
(a) Gossip
(b) Stay at home
(c) Go to the gym
(d) Work

4. What does Clamence think shows in every face?
(a) Happiness
(b) Oppression
(c) Laughter
(d) Hate

5. How do male friends in Greece walk?
(a) With hands in their pockets
(b) Hand in hand
(c) Side by side
(d) With one friend two feet behind

6. What is the name of the painting?
(a) The Just Judges
(b) The Judge Pentinent
(c) The Difference Betwen Wrong and Right
(d) Innocence and Guilt

7. When did Clamence claim he contracted malaria?
(a) During his time as a circus performer
(b) During his time in the trenches
(c) During his time in Africa
(d) During his time as pope

8. What does Clamence attempt to do when he sees the dog?
(a) Run away
(b) Kick it
(c) Feed it
(d) Call it

9. Where is Clamence sent when he joins the French resistance?
(a) East Europe
(b) South Asia
(c) North Africa
(d) Italy

10. When does Clamence say his fear of judgment was born?
(a) The day he was fired
(b) The night on the Pont du Art
(c) The night on Pont Royal
(d) The incident with the motorcyclist

11. What does Clamence assure the auditor the boat is doing?
(a) Traveling at top speed
(b) Traveling at mid speed
(c) Going to Paris
(d) Turning back

12. What does Clamence suffer from?
(a) Flu
(b) Menses
(c) Asthma
(d) Malaria

13. What did Clamence want to achieve by killing himself?
(a) Play on the emotions of his friends
(b) Make his mother feel guilty
(c) Make a political statement
(d) Get in the newspapers

14. What subject does Clamence move onto after he talks about his lack of friends?
(a) Murder
(b) Marriage
(c) Suicide
(d) God

15. What does Clamence think his suicide would do for his friends?
(a) Curse them
(b) Destroy them
(c) Free them
(d) Enlighten them

Short Answer Questions

1. Who painted the painting?

2. What city does Clamence contrast Greece to?

3. What does Clamence turn to in an attempt to rediscover his enthusiasm?

4. What does the young man want the prison pope to be elected for?

5. What is Clamence too self obsessed to do?

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