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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Clamence observe on the surface of the water?
(a) A dark speck
(b) His trousers
(c) A human foot
(d) A whale

2. What does Clamence assure the auditor the boat is doing?
(a) Turning back
(b) Traveling at mid speed
(c) Traveling at top speed
(d) Going to Paris

3. How many subjects has Clamence got to deal with before he tackles the judge pentinent?
(a) One
(b) Two
(c) Four
(d) Eight

4. What is the dark speck in reality?
(a) A piece of refuse
(b) A fish
(c) A woman
(d) A golf ball

5. What does Clamence now think of the auditor as?
(a) A comedian
(b) A blood brother
(c) A dear friend
(d) A fellow sinner

6. Why is Clamence chosen to be pope?
(a) He has goodness
(b) No one else volunteers
(c) He is is a complete failure
(d) He is nice to the young Frenchman

7. What are the only two things Clamence says the doves can see from the sky?
(a) People and cars
(b) Trams and bicycles
(c) Smoke and cars
(d) Shop signs and canals

8. Where is the camp Clamence is sent to?
(a) Tripoli
(b) Napoli
(c) Cape Town
(d) Transvaal

9. What does Clamence begin to wonder when he contracts liver disease?
(a) If his life was a waste
(b) If he survive the day
(c) If he is a good person
(d) If there is a god

10. What is the sky full of?
(a) Gulls
(b) Planes
(c) Doves
(d) Clouds

11. What does Clamence say he can no longer bear?
(a) The emptiness of Paris
(b) His duplicity
(c) Fun
(d) Women

12. What is Clamence too self obsessed to do?
(a) Murder
(b) Work
(c) Marry
(d) Kill himself

13. What is the first stage of Clamence's argument?
(a) He gets the attention of his audience
(b) He lays out the truth
(c) He sets up a web of lies
(d) He accuses himself

14. What does Clamence want to confess?
(a) All his problems
(b) His hate
(c) His love
(d) All his sins

15. When did Clamence first realize he had no friends?
(a) When he ran the Paris marathon
(b) When he was in hospital
(c) When he needed money
(d) When he tried to kill himself

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Clamence say he is not seduced by?

2. What does Clamence say is happiness for him?

3. What country does Clamence follow his friend to?

4. Who does Clament fantasize assaulting?

5. What does Clamence say he lacks in his relationships with women?

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