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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is the camp Clamence is sent to?
(a) Napoli
(b) Cape Town
(c) Tripoli
(d) Transvaal

2. What does the mention of the little ease provoke Clamence to talk about next?
(a) Innocence and guilt
(b) Love and marriage
(c) Misunderstandings
(d) The financial market

3. Whose company does Clamence say he removes himself from?
(a) Criminals
(b) Family
(c) Women
(d) Men

4. What happens to a person's body when they are in the little ease?
(a) It stiffens
(b) It loosens
(c) It sheds its skin
(d) It snaps in half

5. What disallows Frenchmen from walking hand in hand?
(a) The government
(b) Ego
(c) Women
(d) Decorum

6. What is the dark speck in reality?
(a) A golf ball
(b) A piece of refuse
(c) A fish
(d) A woman

7. When did Clamence first realize he had no friends?
(a) When he tried to kill himself
(b) When he ran the Paris marathon
(c) When he needed money
(d) When he was in hospital

8. How does Clamence celebrate the curing of his illness?
(a) An expensive lunch
(b) A party
(c) A night of debauchery
(d) A cruise

9. What other torture apparatus does Clamence mention in this chapter?
(a) The rack
(b) A thumb screw
(c) The hair puller
(d) A spitting cell

10. What does Clamence want to confess?
(a) His love
(b) All his sins
(c) His hate
(d) All his problems

11. What does Clamence say women do in Greece?
(a) Stay at home
(b) Work
(c) Gossip
(d) Go to the gym

12. How many subjects has Clamence got to deal with before he tackles the judge pentinent?
(a) Four
(b) Two
(c) One
(d) Eight

13. What kind of love does the woman Clamence falls in love with believe in?
(a) Love for animals
(b) Love for mankind
(c) Love found in romance novels
(d) Violent love

14. Where does Clamence see the dog?
(a) In his hotel
(b) In a bus
(c) On the metro
(d) On a metro platform

15. What does Clamence write poetry about?
(a) The Arabs
(b) Virtues of things he once thought awful
(c) The affect of God on his life
(d) Athesists

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Clamence decide to keep only the company of women?

2. How do male friends in Greece walk?

3. Who takes Clamence hostage in Tunisia?

4. What does Clamence assure the auditor the boat is doing?

5. What does Clamence say he has a lack of?

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