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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Clamence believe is necessary?
(a) Slavery
(b) Love
(c) Hate
(d) Marriage

2. Where does Clamence walk the auditor to?
(a) A restaurant
(b) A brothel
(c) His boat
(d) His hotel

3. What is significant about Clamence's smile in this chapter?
(a) It shows his evil intent
(b) It is the first suggestion of self dout
(c) It is the first sign of his madness
(d) It shows he loves only himself

4. What does Clamence claim would be true happiness for him?
(a) Women waiting on him
(b) Eight wives
(c) Seven virgins
(d) A non existent sex drive

5. What two passions do Parisians have?
(a) Coffee and crepes
(b) Ideas and fornication
(c) Religion and education
(d) Wine and cheese

6. What does the narrator call the barman?
(a) A huggable bear
(b) A man of fun
(c) A cheeky monkey
(d) A worthy ape

7. What does society need to stop an argument from stretching into affinity?
(a) Children
(b) God
(c) The dynamics between master and servant
(d) The dynamics between man and woman

8. What would Clamence's cards read?
(a) Clamence, true to his word
(b) Jesus Christ, fake
(c) John Baptiste Clamence, play actor
(d) John Bapiste, the one and only

9. What does Clamence claim his occupation is?
(a) Lawyer
(b) Judge penitent
(c) Writer
(d) Doctor

10. What does Clamence say he is successful with?
(a) The opposite sex
(b) The stock market
(c) Defending criminals
(d) Money

11. What does Clamence think understanding is?
(a) A waste of time
(b) Boring
(c) A mediocre emotion
(d) The main stay of all relationships

12. Why does Clamence not want a woman to love him?
(a) Becasue he would have to marry them
(b) Because he could never love
(c) Because of the responsibilty
(d) Because he is a sensualist

13. Who wrote Inferno?
(a) Albert Camus
(b) Dante
(c) Shakespeare
(d) John Milton

14. Which of the following terms does Clamence use to describe the auditor?
(a) A moral interpreter
(b) Cultured bourgeois
(c) Seriously humorous
(d) A lover and a thinker

15. What does the Nazi soldier ask a mother?
(a) If she loves her sons
(b) Which of her sons should be executed
(c) If she has a cigarette
(d) If she wants to kill her child herself

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Clamence refer to his new companion as?

2. What was used to lower the deus ex machina on to the satge?

3. Where does Clamence say he is obliged to live?

4. What does Clamence say would happen if every criminal were sentenced?

5. Why does someone in the crowd attack Clamence?

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