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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What would be the motto on Clamence's sign?
(a) You saw it here first
(b) Don't rely on it
(c) Love it and hate it
(d) Don't sniff it

2. What does Clamence say he is guilty of?
(a) Passion
(b) Hate
(c) Passivity
(d) Aggression

3. Where does Clamence walk the auditor to?
(a) A restaurant
(b) His boat
(c) A brothel
(d) His hotel

4. What bridge does Clamence say he stood on in this chapter?
(a) Pont des Arts
(b) London Bridge
(c) Brooklyn Bridge
(d) Amsterdam Bridge

5. What does the Nazi soldier ask a mother?
(a) If she has a cigarette
(b) If she wants to kill her child herself
(c) If she loves her sons
(d) Which of her sons should be executed

6. What nationality are the two men?
(a) Czech
(b) German
(c) Dutch
(d) French

7. What did Clamence father do for a living?
(a) A pilot
(b) An officer in the army
(c) A lawyer
(d) A policeman

8. What does Clamence compare Amsterdam's canals to?
(a) Medieval castles
(b) The circles of hell
(c) Angels guarding heaven's gate
(d) Neverending love

9. What would Clamence's cards read?
(a) Jesus Christ, fake
(b) John Baptiste Clamence, play actor
(c) John Bapiste, the one and only
(d) Clamence, true to his word

10. In what book is the circles of hell described?
(a) The koran
(b) The bible
(c) Inferno
(d) Paradise Lost

11. Who does Clamence claim he waits for in Mexico City?
(a) A friend
(b) Lonely women
(c) Displaced Europeans
(d) Americans

12. What should a master exercise power without?
(a) Love
(b) Chains
(c) A whip
(d) Ostentation

13. What city are the two men in?
(a) Amsterdam
(b) London
(c) Paris
(d) Prague

14. What is an example of the use of power Clamence talks about?
(a) Love
(b) Communication
(c) Hypnosis
(d) Hate

15. What does Clamence claim a servant should serve with?
(a) A scowl
(b) A smile
(c) A serious expression
(d) A beady eye

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Clamence see when he when he turn around?

2. What was the narrator's former job?

3. What does Clamence want the auditor's sign to summarize?

4. Which of the following subjects does Clamence talk about as they walk?

5. What two traitors does Clamence mention in this chapter?

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