The Fall Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. How does the narrator describe the bartender?

The narrator first begins by expounding on the character of the bartender, speaking of him as effectively deaf , a monolinguist in the polyglottal world of his bar, and nearly mute. He is silent and animalistic, with a touchy distrust of everyone and everything around him.

2. How does the narrator compare Amsterdam and Paris?

He says Paris is a trompe -l' oeil, inhabited by superficial men and women who have but two passions: ideas and fornication. Amsterdam, on the other hand, is plodding and rather stupid, infected either "by too much or too little imagination."

3. Describe the auditor

The auditor is a "cultured bourgeois" of similar age and appearance to the narrator. Within the text, however, the other man acts as nothing more than an anonymous sounding board.

4. What does Clamence talk about on the walk to the hotel?

Clamence dredges up shockingly violent images, such as Nazi genocide and the senseless disemboweling of a defenseless pacifist, using them as an explanation for any little hesitation his instincts toward fraternization might suffer.

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