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The Mexico City

It is Clamence's base of operations in his business of corruption. It is here that he makes contacts with his fellow Europeans and subsequently drags them down into hopelessness.


A city Clamence compares to a painting that, in its realism, appears solid.

The Circles of e Hell

An invention of Dante in his Inferno. Each of the nine circles contained a particular kind of sinner - the Lustful in the Second Circle, for example, and the Gluttonous in the Third.

Pont Royal

Clamence is present when a young woman attempts to jump off this bridge.

Pont des Arts

The bridge on which Clamence hears the phantom laughter that marks the beginning of his fall and the onset of his own self-awareness.


A country in which, Clamence points out, men can outwardly demonstrate affection for each other, holding hands as they walk through the...

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