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Ann-Marie MacDonald
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This test consists of 5 short answer questions, 10 short essay questions, and 1 (of 3) essay topics.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who names the new baby Ambrose?

2. What is the name of Materia's second born daughter?

3. What does Mercedes do in the hopes of repairing her family's name in the community?

4. What was the name of Materia's younger sister?

5. Which of the following items is NOT described in detail in the opening passages of the prologue?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does life in the Piper household change, once James is deployed?

2. What is James's reaction to Ambrose's death?

3. What makes James a good bootlegger?

4. What wakes Mercedes up in the middle of the night on the evening before Materia's death?

5. How does James adjust to life at home with Kathleen living in New York?

6. What motivates James to join the army?

7. What is James obsessed with during his deployment, and how does that fuel his future upon returning home?

8. What is the last thing Kathleen sees before she dies?

9. What is James's reaction when he realizes that someone has moved the stones around Ambrose's grave?

10. What talent does Kathleen show as a baby, and what is James's reaction to this talent?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Lily is often described as an eerie child with special powers in the spiritual world. First, describe Lily's relationship with her dead brother, Ambrose. In what ways does Ambrose come to Lily and "speak" to her. How do these conversations with Ambrose inform Lily's understanding of Piper family dynamics? Then, describe Mercedes' religious reaction to Lily's spirituality. What hopes and fears does she have for Lily's future? Finally, describe Lily's own reaction to her communing with spirits. What, if anything, does she wish she could change about herself? Why? Be sure to include examples from the text to strengthen your arguments.

Essay Topic 2

Throughout her life, Kathleen has nightmares about Pete the scarecrow. Describe at least two nightmares Kathleen has, and her reaction to these dreams. What do you think Pete symbolized in Kathleen's life? Describe the final nightmare Kathleen had about Pete, in the moments before she died. What is symbolic about this vision? In the moment of her death, do you think Kathleen finally understood what Pete the scarecrow meant? Why or why not? Be sure to include examples from the text to help strengthen your arguments.

Essay Topic 3

Throughout the novel, Lily hears different stories about her brother Ambrose and the way he died. First, describe at least two stories that Frances tells Lily about Ambrose. Then, compare / contrast those stories to the truth of what really happened to Ambrose. What did Frances gain by lying to Lily about her brother? How did these stories affect Lily's character? Then, explain how Lily finally found out the truth about Ambrose, and what her reaction to that truth was. Be sure to include examples from the text to strengthen your arguments.

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