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Short Answer Questions

1. Who pays Caesar's debt when he is stopped on his way to Spain?

2. What leads to Mithridates' suicide?

3. Why does Bibulus shut himself in his house at the end of his consul term?

4. What happens to Mithridates after Pompey defeats him?

5. Who objects when Caesar attempts to use the treasury's money to fund a war?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is interesting about how the battle between Pompey and Sertorius ends, and Pompey's decision afterward?

2. What personal problems does Cicero encounter after he retires from public life?

3. How do the people show their support for Caesar when he enters politics and what does Cato do to try to lessen Caesar's popularity at that time?

4. How does Caesar avoid death in his youth, and what do his dealings with the pirates display?

5. What is Cicero's educational background and how does it contribute to the decisions made early in his career?

6. What kind of reputation does Pompey have with regard to the way he treats enemy soldiers?

7. How does the rivalry between Cicero and Clodius begin?

8. What is the contrast between Caesar's troops and Pompey's troops, and how does that affect the outcome of their war?

9. What leads to the civil war between Caesar and Pompey?

10. What important event does Cicero stop when he is the praetor of Rome?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Caesar is known for having an impact on Rome from a very early age. Describe his youth and the events that lead up to his return to Rome, including an analysis of his capture by Sulla's men and the pirates. Also, explain why these situations and how Caesar handles them are a sign of the way he eventually approaches later conflicts in his life.

Essay Topic 2

Sulla makes his quest for control clear in the way he takes control of Rome.

1) Describe the events that lead up to Sulla attacking Rome and gaining control of it for the first time. Include your analysis of his actions and the motives behind them.

2) Explain what Sulla does after regaining control of Rome, how many soldiers are affected as a result, and what Sulla chooses to do with the control he gives himself.

Essay Topic 3

Describe the period where the political careers of Caesar, Pompey, and Crassus all intersected, the reasons for it, which ones were the most influential, and the effect it had on each of the three.

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