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This test consists of 5 short answer questions, 10 short essay questions, and 1 (of 3) essay topics.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many servants does Crassus have when he escapes to Spain?

2. What happens in Sulla's first bid for praetorship?

3. Who prompts Sulla to attack Rome, after initially hesitating?

4. What personality does Crassus have?

5. What does Crassus buy after Sulla takes control of Rome?

Short Essay Questions

1. What questionable things does Marius do during his sixth term as consul?

2. What is interesting about the way Marius first tries to stand for the aedileship?

3. What is Crassus's plan to escape from the Parthians?

4. How does Sulla rule over Rome for the second time?

5. What age does Marius retire from the leadership command position in the military, and what does he do afterward?

6. How does Marius's first military experience inspire him to pursue greater accomplishments?

7. What is interesting about Sulla's funeral and the inscription on his burial stone?

8. What does Sulla do after taking Rome again, this time, from Telesinus?

9. How does the civil war between Marius and Sulla start, and what is the result of it?

10. How does Crassus originally face the Parthians?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Caesar's death was one of the most famous events in the history of the Roman Republic. 1) Chronicle the events leading up to Caesar's death, describing the people involved, and the warnings that Caesar receives.

2) Describe how Caesar dies and the effect it has on Rome, including the way the people react.

3) Explain about the sayings that Caesar's life and death have inspired throughout the years, detailing their meanings, how they relate to Caesar, and the way they have been used.

Essay Topic 2

Omens played a big part of the way Romans lived their lives and made their decisions.

1) Using each of the six figures for which Plutarch provides a biography, describe the different omens that they encounter and the way that they choose to react to them.

2) Analyze the differences or similarities between how the Roman leaders responded to omens during their lives, and the results of their regard for them.

3) Explain what you think the significance of omens were in general to the Roman Republic and the people who lived during that time.

Essay Topic 3

During the Roman Empire, marriage was used as a way to exercise control over people and situations and was looked at much differently than it is today. Write an essay describing the way the Romans, and the leaders in particular, saw marriage, and how it differs from current times. Provide examples of the way marriage was used for political purposes in the book, how each of the leaders viewed it, and why there were so many different marriages within a short period.

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