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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Upon entering Italy, what do Sulla's men do to show their allegiance?
(a) They recruit twice as many men, which Sulla accepts.
(b) They raise money for the war, which Sulla refuses.
(c) They recruit twice as many men, which Sulla rejects.
(d) They raise money for the war, which Sulla accepts.

2. What does Mithridates do to end the war with Sulla?
(a) He sues for peace.
(b) He defeats Sulla.
(c) He surrenders.
(d) He captures most of Sulla's men.

3. What serves as the basis for the saying, "one of Marius's mules"?
(a) Marius himself carrying his own pack for all trips.
(b) His army using twice as many mules to carry their packs.
(c) His army carrying their own packs for brief trips.
(d) His army having to carry their own packs for long trips.

4. What was unique about the Tuetones and the Cimbri?
(a) They included women and children.
(b) They did not represent a political state.
(c) They refused to fight against Marius.
(d) They included people from various countries.

5. What does Marius pledge to do while addressing the assembly for his first consul?
(a) Invade Athens.
(b) Kill or capture Jugurtha.
(c) Invade Asia.
(d) Sign a treaty with Jugurtha.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Sulla require Pompey the Great to do?

2. What is Marius's statue made out of?

3. What is Hispania Ulterior when Marius is sent to battle the bandits there?

4. How is Scipio taken captive by Sulla?

5. After being joined by the Phocians, what city does Sulla occupy?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens to Pompey at Mitylene, and how does he end up going to Egypt?

2. How does Sulla die?

3. What age is Pompey when he does battle with Caesar and what happens when the two first meet?

4. How does Caesar die and why has the event become so famous?

5. How does Crassus originally face the Parthians?

6. What important event does Cicero stop when he is the praetor of Rome?

7. How does Plutarch feel about Caesar's military accomplishments and why?

8. What does Sulla do after taking Rome again, this time, from Telesinus?

9. What is Crassus's main vice, and how is this displayed?

10. How does Sulla attempt to interfere with Pompey the Great's life?

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