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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Pompey wait for before going to the aid of Metellus?
(a) Marius's request.
(b) Cinna's request.
(c) Metellus's request.
(d) Sulla's request.

2. Who argues against the death penalty for the conspirators who plan to kill the senators?
(a) Metellus.
(b) Caesar.
(c) Pompey.
(d) Marius.

3. Where is Pompey living before joining Sulla's military effort?
(a) Picenum.
(b) Umbria.
(c) Gallicus.
(d) Cortona.

4. What does Caesar do upon being declared the dictator of Rome?
(a) He gives the people more land.
(b) He gives the people more livestock.
(c) He gives the people money.
(d) He gives the people their rights back.

5. What does Cicero do after retiring from public life?
(a) He entertains people with his speeches.
(b) He visits relatives.
(c) He writes.
(d) He farms.

6. How educated is Cicero?
(a) He is educated a little.
(b) His has an average education.
(c) He is not educated at all.
(d) He is very educated.

7. How does Pompey plan to enter Rome after his victory in Africa?
(a) On foot, leading his soldiers.
(b) On horseback, leading his soldiers.
(c) Carried by his soldiers.
(d) On a chariot.

8. How many months is it before Cicero is asked to return to Rome?
(a) Twelve.
(b) Sixteen.
(c) Fourteen.
(d) Eighteen.

9. Who pays Caesar's debt when he is stopped on his way to Spain?
(a) Pompey.
(b) Crassus.
(c) Marius.
(d) Sulla.

10. How does Vergentorix, the commander of the Gaul forces, surrender?
(a) He writes to Caesar, informing him of the surrender.
(b) He sends a messenger to tell Caesar his location.
(c) He sits at Caesar's feet, waiting to be arrested.
(d) He rides to Caesar holding a white flag.

11. How long does Cicero serve in the military?
(a) Extensively.
(b) He does not serve in the military.
(c) An average amount of time.
(d) Briefly.

12. What does Pompey do for Stratonice's father?
(a) He bestows a fortune to him.
(b) He bestows a medal of honor to him.
(c) He moves him to live closer to Stratonice.
(d) He allows him to join the army.

13. What does Caesar do when he is captured by Sulla's men?
(a) He escapes when they are not looking.
(b) He kills one of them and is released.
(c) He tricks them into thinking Sulla has ordered his release.
(d) He uses bribery to free himself.

14. What do some people fear after appointing Caesar the dictator of Rome for life?
(a) That he will not accept the title.
(b) That he will lose the influence he has.
(c) That there will be an attempt on his life.
(d) That he will not stay in Rome.

15. Why does Bibulus shut himself in his house at the end of his consul term?
(a) He is suffering from an illness.
(b) He is afraid he will be killed.
(c) He is afraid he will be exiled.
(d) He is afraid they will discover his betrayal.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Plutarch compare Caesar's military career with Marius, Sulla, and Pompey's?

2. What does Cinna's disappearance lead some to believe?

3. Where does Cicero serve as a priest before returning to Rome?

4. What does Caesar do that many disagree with after his aunt, Julia, dies?

5. What causes Lepidus to die?

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