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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Pompey known for occasionally doing with captured nobles?
(a) Beheading them.
(b) Convincing them to join his army.
(c) Allowing them to escape.
(d) Burning them.

2. What does Caesar give to the troops before returning them to Pompey?
(a) Food.
(b) Instructions.
(c) A monetary gift.
(d) Land.

3. What does Terentia, Cicero's wife, do to cause their divorce?
(a) She is exiled from the city for her associations.
(b) She has an affair.
(c) She tries to have Cicero arrested.
(d) She takes the valuables from his house.

4. How educated is Cicero?
(a) He is very educated.
(b) He is not educated at all.
(c) He is educated a little.
(d) His has an average education.

5. What happens to Mithridates after Pompey defeats him?
(a) Mithridates attacks Pompey.
(b) Mithridates escapes.
(c) Mithridates pleads for his life.
(d) Mithridates joins Pompey's army.

6. Whom does Caesar's daughter eventually marry?
(a) Sulla.
(b) Marius.
(c) Pompey.
(d) Brutus.

7. Why does Caesar divorce his second wife?
(a) She is accused of having an affair.
(b) He is accused of having an affair.
(c) She disagrees with his political ambitions.
(d) He does not have the time to sustain the marriage.

8. What does Caesar do to the pirates when he eventually captures them?
(a) Forces them to do manual labor for him.
(b) Orders their deaths.
(c) Acquires his ransom back.
(d) Releases them after proving his point.

9. Whom does Clodius ask for help when he is planning his attack on Cicero?
(a) Pompey.
(b) Metellus.
(c) Catiline.
(d) Caesar.

10. What causes Pompey to be unrecognizable to a soldier, almost bringing about Pompey's death?
(a) Heavy snow.
(b) Heavy rain.
(c) The darkness of night.
(d) The brightness of the sun.

11. What is Cicero's reputation as praetor?
(a) He is unfair and reckless.
(b) He is naive and short tempered.
(c) He is presumptuous and confident.
(d) He is fair and careful.

12. Whom does Caesar pit the people against when he is in office?
(a) The nobles.
(b) Crassus.
(c) Pompey.
(d) The military.

13. What does the younger Caesar say about Cicero years after his death?
(a) He was a learned man.
(b) He was an honest man.
(c) He was a brave man.
(d) He was a traveled man.

14. What happens to Catiline after Cicero uncovers his plans?
(a) He is wounded while escaping the city.
(b) He is imprisoned.
(c) He is killed.
(d) He is told to leave Rome.

15. What does Cicero work as when he first returns to Rome?
(a) A lawyer.
(b) A farmer.
(c) A speech writer.
(d) An elected official.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who gives Pompey the nickname, "The Great"?

2. Why does Pompey want to avoid fighting Caesar?

3. What does Caesar do upon being declared the dictator of Rome?

4. What does Cicero occasionally do in order to garner glory?

5. Where does Cicero go when he is denied entrance into Sicily?

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