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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens when Caesar and Pompey finally battle each other?
(a) Caesar thoroughly defeats Pompey.
(b) Pompey refuses to fight Caesar.
(c) The two agree to a draw after a long battle.
(d) Caesar narrowly defeats Pompey.

2. What does Pompey insist upon Sulla's death?
(a) That his family not be allowed at the burial.
(b) That he receives a proper burial.
(c) That his family be allowed at the burial.
(d) That he does not receive a proper burial.

3. How is Pompey's father, Strabo, generally considered?
(a) He is liked.
(b) He is hated.
(c) He is feared.
(d) He is envied.

4. Whom does the young Caesar eventually take on as his colleague?
(a) Cicero's best friend.
(b) Cicero's son.
(c) Cicero's grandson.
(d) Cicero's protégé.

5. How educated is Cicero?
(a) He is not educated at all.
(b) He is educated a little.
(c) His has an average education.
(d) He is very educated.

6. Who argues against the death penalty for the conspirators who plan to kill the senators?
(a) Metellus.
(b) Marius.
(c) Caesar.
(d) Pompey.

7. What does Caesar do on his way back to Rome?
(a) Trains himself to be in an army.
(b) Meets his first wife.
(c) Trains an army.
(d) Studies.

8. What causes Pompey to be unrecognizable to a soldier, almost bringing about Pompey's death?
(a) The darkness of night.
(b) Heavy rain.
(c) The brightness of the sun.
(d) Heavy snow.

9. Whom does Clodius ask for help when he is planning his attack on Cicero?
(a) Catiline.
(b) Pompey.
(c) Metellus.
(d) Caesar.

10. What does Caesar do when he is captured by Sulla's men?
(a) He escapes when they are not looking.
(b) He tricks them into thinking Sulla has ordered his release.
(c) He uses bribery to free himself.
(d) He kills one of them and is released.

11. What reason does Considius give for his general lack of fear?
(a) His age.
(b) His knowledge.
(c) His previous accomplishments.
(d) His influence.

12. When does Cicero return to Rome?
(a) Two days before the civil war.
(b) Two days after the civil war.
(c) On the day after the civil war.
(d) On the eve of the civil war.

13. Along with the dowry from his wife, what helps Cicero maintain his modest lifestyle?
(a) A large inheritance.
(b) Money from people who appreciate his work.
(c) A small inheritance.
(d) Money from the council officials who appreciate his work.

14. Who supports the law to give Pompey increased powers to fight the pirates?
(a) Crassus.
(b) Marius.
(c) Caesar.
(d) The man of the equestrian order.

15. When must Pompey make his decision to befriend Crassus, according to the man of the equestrian order's vision?
(a) By the end of the year.
(b) Before Pompey and Crassus leave office.
(c) After Pompey and Crassus leave office.
(d) By the end of the month.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Caesar do that many disagree with after his aunt, Julia, dies?

2. Upon returning to Italy, how does Pompey divorce his wife before marrying Julia, Caesar's daughter?

3. How many months is it before Cicero is asked to return to Rome?

4. What does Caesar do to the pirates when he eventually captures them?

5. What do some people fear after appointing Caesar the dictator of Rome for life?

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