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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3, Crassus.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which part of Marius's life is obscured by Plutarch, according to Warner?
(a) His marriage.
(b) His childhood.
(c) His wars.
(d) His death.

2. Whom does Marius face during his first military service?
(a) The Cimbri.
(b) The Tuetones.
(c) Jugurtha.
(d) The Celtiberians.

3. Why does Metellus first decline Marius's request to return to Rome to seek the consulate?
(a) He and Marius are bitter enemies.
(b) He is supporting another candidate for the consulate.
(c) He is trying to protect Marius.
(d) He needs Marius to help him with the war.

4. What happens to the Spartans that leads to their defeat?
(a) They become over confident.
(b) They refuse to fight.
(c) They become outnumbered.
(d) They become tired.

5. What does Rex Warner, the translator, say about Plutarch's account of Marius's political skill?
(a) Plutarch writes too little of Marius's political skill.
(b) Plutarch omits Marius's political skill completely.
(c) Plutarch writes too much of Marius's political skill.
(d) Plutarch misrepresents Marius's political skill.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many total terms does Marius serve as consul?

2. Where in Italy is the famous statue of Gaius Marius located?

3. What does Sulla require Pompey the Great to do?

4. After crossing the Alps, where does Marius set up a fortified camp with the Romans while waiting for the invaders?

5. How many children did Sulla have altogether?

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