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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3, Crassus.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What plagues Crassus on his plight in Syria?
(a) His conscience.
(b) A lack of supplies.
(c) Sickness.
(d) Bad omens.

2. What does Rex Warner, the translator, say about Plutarch's account of Marius's political skill?
(a) Plutarch writes too much of Marius's political skill.
(b) Plutarch misrepresents Marius's political skill.
(c) Plutarch writes too little of Marius's political skill.
(d) Plutarch omits Marius's political skill completely.

3. Who is leading the enemy troops as Sulla and his men near Rome?
(a) Metellus.
(b) Marius.
(c) Telesinus.
(d) Turpillius.

4. How do Spartacus and the Spartans begin their successful battles?
(a) They slowly build their soldiers.
(b) They are looking for revenge.
(c) They are attacked unjustly and defend themselves.
(d) They escape from a cruel leader.

5. After being joined by the Phocians, what city does Sulla occupy?
(a) Patra.
(b) Achames.
(c) Philoboeotus.
(d) Trikala.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mithridates do to end the war with Sulla?

2. What does Sulla publish after taking control of Rome?

3. What is Crassus counting on as he proceeds to face the enemy troops in Syria?

4. After being defeated by the Parthians, where does Crassus attempt to go?

5. Who prompts Sulla to attack Rome, after initially hesitating?

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