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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2, Sulla.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In which war does Sulla serve under Marius?
(a) The war in Hispania Ulterior.
(b) The war in Asia.
(c) The war in the Rhone Alps.
(d) The war in Africa.

2. What is Sulla looking for as he sails to Aedepsus for rest?
(a) The cold water cures.
(b) The hot wine cures.
(c) The hot water cures.
(d) The cold wine cures.

3. Who gives Jugurtha to Sulla?
(a) A relative of Caesar.
(b) A relative of Marius.
(c) A relative of Jugurtha.
(d) A relative of Sulla.

4. Who prompts Sulla to attack Rome, after initially hesitating?
(a) A relative.
(b) A soothsayer.
(c) Marius.
(d) Jugurtha.

5. Who is credited with ending the war in Africa?
(a) Marius.
(b) Turpillius.
(c) Sulla.
(d) Jugurtha.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Rex Warner, the translator, say about Plutarch's account of Marius's political skill?

2. What does Marius pledge to do while addressing the assembly for his first consul?

3. How does Caesar describe the results of Sulla's second bid for praetorship?

4. What prompts Marius to pursue greater ambitions after his first military service?

5. What happens in Sulla's first bid for praetorship?

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