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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 1, Marius.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What serves as the basis for the saying, "one of Marius's mules"?
(a) His army carrying their own packs for brief trips.
(b) His army having to carry their own packs for long trips.
(c) Marius himself carrying his own pack for all trips.
(d) His army using twice as many mules to carry their packs.

2. What was unique about the Tuetones and the Cimbri?
(a) They included women and children.
(b) They included people from various countries.
(c) They refused to fight against Marius.
(d) They did not represent a political state.

3. What is Hispania Ulterior when Marius is sent to battle the bandits there?
(a) A civilized province.
(b) A major ally to Rome.
(c) A major supplier of food for Rome.
(d) An uncivilized province.

4. Why does Metellus first decline Marius's request to return to Rome to seek the consulate?
(a) He is supporting another candidate for the consulate.
(b) He and Marius are bitter enemies.
(c) He needs Marius to help him with the war.
(d) He is trying to protect Marius.

5. After crossing the Alps, where does Marius set up a fortified camp with the Romans while waiting for the invaders?
(a) Valence.
(b) Grenoble.
(c) Rhone.
(d) St. Etienne.

Short Answer Questions

1. Whose endorsement does Marius have when he is voted to the office of tribune?

2. What is Turpillius's fate?

3. During his stand for praetorship, what is Marius unsuccessfully prosecuted for?

4. What does Warner indicate is exaggerated by Plutarch?

5. What law does Marius put into effect upon being voted to the office of tribune?

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