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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4, Pompey.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Caesar describe the results of Sulla's second bid for praetorship?
(a) Caesar accuses Sulla of buying his win.
(b) Caesar thinks that neither person should have been declared the winner.
(c) Caesar accuses Sulla's opponent of unfair tactics.
(d) Caesar thinks that Sulla has won fairly.

2. When must Pompey make his decision to befriend Crassus, according to the man of the equestrian order's vision?
(a) Before Pompey and Crassus leave office.
(b) By the end of the year.
(c) After Pompey and Crassus leave office.
(d) By the end of the month.

3. What happens to the servant who betrays Sulpicius?
(a) He is allowed to fight in the military.
(b) He is thrown to his death.
(c) He is given a political position.
(d) He is exiled.

4. What tactic does Sulla employ to overcome his men's fear of war?
(a) He threatens them.
(b) He subjects them to manual labor.
(c) He kills one of them as an example.
(d) He belittles them repeatedly.

5. What causes Crassus to retreat from the war with the Parthians?
(a) He becomes confused.
(b) He is severely wounded.
(c) An illness.
(d) The loss of his son.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Metellus first decline Marius's request to return to Rome to seek the consulate?

2. Where does Sulla almost suffer a defeat until he rallies back with his men?

3. What causes Lepidus to die?

4. Where does Marius participate in a war as legate to Metellus?

5. Where is Pompey living before joining Sulla's military effort?

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