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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4, Pompey.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What leads to Mithridates' suicide?
(a) His own men's betrayal.
(b) His fear of Pompey.
(c) His son's treachery.
(d) His fear of Caesar.

2. What does Sulla require Pompey the Great to do?
(a) Commit suicide.
(b) Leave the military.
(c) Divorce his wife.
(d) Leave Rome.

3. How long does Crassus send Caesar to Gaul for?
(a) Five years.
(b) Three years.
(c) Seven years.
(d) One year.

4. What happens to Metella, Sulla's wife, during one of his banquets?
(a) She is captured by one of his enemies.
(b) She is taken from Rome by a relative.
(c) She becomes ill.
(d) She is wounded by one of his enemies.

5. What tactic does Sulla employ to overcome his men's fear of war?
(a) He threatens them.
(b) He kills one of them as an example.
(c) He belittles them repeatedly.
(d) He subjects them to manual labor.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Sulla's first order after taking over Rome?

2. Why do Caesar and Pompey hide their dislike for each other?

3. Who gives Jugurtha to Sulla?

4. How is Pompey's father, Strabo, generally considered?

5. What causes Sulla's death?

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