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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1, Marius)


Chapter 1, Marius

Marius is the subject of the first chapter, and Rex Warner, the translator, states the opinion that this is the least satisfactory of all six chapters. This lesson is about how Plutarch's biography falls short in Warner's view, what it is about Marius's life that should have been included, and the possible reasons Plutarch had for writing this chapter the way he did.


1) Class Discussion: Does the class agree with Warner about his interpretation of Plutarch's biography of Marius? Why or why not? What does Warner have the biggest problem with? Which parts of Marius's life does Plutarch not include, according to Warner? Why is this important? Which parts does he exaggerate?

2) Split the class up into groups. Each group will analyze Plutarch's biography of Marius, citing the areas of concern that Warner outlines, and determining their validity. Afterward, talk about the groups'...

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