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Chapter 1, Marius

• Marius faces the Celtiberians, proving himself on the battlefield, and earning the respect of Scipio.
• Marius is voted to the office of the tribune and sides with the people against the nobles.
• After suffering two political defeats in one day, Marius returns to war, battling Jugurtha in Africa.
• Marius is elected to the consul, a rivalry begins between him and Metellus, and the war in Africa ends.

• During many battles that follow, Marius trains his men in interesting ways, prompting the saying, "one of Marius's mules."
• During his sixth consul term, Marius aligns himself with the evil Saturninus, and loses support from both the people and the nobles.

• After being elected consul for the seventh time, Marius dies in a way that is disputed by conflicting accounts.

Chapter 2, Sulla

• After acquiring Jugurtha to end the war in Africa, a feud between Marius and Sulla begins.
• Sulla...

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