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Marianne Faithfull
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Short Answer Questions

1. How did Oliver Musker demonstrate his devotion to Marianne Faithfull?

2. How does Faithfull say she identified with Ophelia?

3. How does Faithfull characterize the last years of her mother's life?

4. Why does Faithfull say she overdosed on pills?

5. What did Denny Cordell offer Marianne Faithfull?

Short Essay Questions

1. Contrast this visit with the last previous visit between Faithfull and Dylan.

2. How did Marianne Faithfull get back into making music?

3. What was Marianne Faithfull's mother's response to her overdose?

4. Describe Faithfull's dream about Mick Jagger.

5. Describe Marianne Faithfull's relationship with Howard Tose.

6. What split Mick Jagger and Marianne Faithfull up in the 1970s?

7. Describe Marianne Faithfull's relationship with Ben Brierly.

8. What ended the relationship between Marianne Faithfull and Ben Brierly?

9. Describe Marianne Faithfull's relationship with Lord Paddy Rossmore.

10. Describe Marianne Faithfull's reunion with Bob Dylan.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Evaluate your own reading of 'Faithfull.' Did you resist it, or were you compelled by the story? What does your reading tell you about yourself and your interests? Use specific examples from the book to describe yourself as a reader.

Essay Topic 2

Is there a tension between allegory and non-fiction in 'Faithfull'? What would you expect from a typical allegory? What would you expect from a non-fiction memoir? What kinds of questions would you like to ask to help determine whether the book is fictionalized or accurate?

Essay Topic 3

What is the difference between the culture of hard drugs and the culture of drugs like marijuana and LSD? What are the differences between druggies and people like Mick Jagger who can just dabble in drug culture without being snared by addiction?

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