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Marianne Faithfull
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Short Answer Questions

1. Whom would Faithfull spend time with when she left her home?

2. What London play was Faithfull in?

3. Why does Faithfull say she started dating Mick Jagger?

4. What song became a huge hit for Faithfull?

5. What were diplomats beginning to plan for, according to Faithfull?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Faithfull and the Stones' arrest.

2. How does Faithfull say she reacted to the press?

3. How were the Rolling Stones seen by 1967?

4. How does Faithfull characterize her mother's storytelling?

5. How did Marianne Faithfull end up with Mick Jagger?

6. How does Faithfull characterize her early days with Mick Jagger?

7. How were the Stones framed for arrest?

8. What was Faithfull's relationship with Mick Jagger while she was spending time at Courtfield Road?

9. What advice did Andrew Loog Oldham give Marianne?

10. Describe Faithfull's first meeting with Bob Dylan.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What are the various legacies for which Marianne Faithfull could be known? Which do you think will be the most important?

Essay Topic 2

Where is the climax of this book? Are there different climaxes? What questions does each climax resolve? What questions does each climax leave unanswered?

Essay Topic 3

Write an evaluation that reviews 'Faithfull.' What is this book's place in culture? What are its uses? Who is its audience? What are its limitations?

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