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Tana French
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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Frank's mother say about Holly?

2. Who does Frank, at this point, think is Rosie's murderer?

3. Why is Frank standing by the back door of the Daly house?

4. What does Rosie say her father said the night Rosie plans to run off with Frank?

5. What does Frank try to deal with as he naps in his car?

Short Essay Questions

1. What information does Stephen have for Frank?

2. What does Frank recall about what Rosie told him the night they decide to leave?

3. What does Frank's mother tell him about Mr. Mackey and Theresa Daly?

4. What does Frank think Scorcher is trying to do by ruling Kevin's death an accident and how does Mrs. Mackey react?

5. How does Frank set things up to be able to follow the police investigation into Rosie and Kevin's deaths?

6. What does Frank say to Holly about Kevin's death?

7. Which one of Rosie's old friends does Frank locate and how does she react to him initially?

8. What does Frank learn from the coroner about Rosie's death?

9. What does Stephen say about the comparison between Rosie's and Kevin's deaths?

10. How do people react to Frank at Kevin's wake and what is Jackie's theory about their reactions?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the following:

1. Who is/are the protagonists of the story and why?

2. Who is/are the antagonists of the story and why?

3. Which 3 secondary characters have the greatest impact on the plot?

4. Are any of the characters dispensable and which ones? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 2

Faithful Place belongs to the mystery drama genre. Discuss the following:

1. Define the literary term "genre" and give several examples of three other genres in addition to the mystery drama genre.

2. Discuss two reasons why it might be useful to label a text by genre and two reasons it might be disadvantageous to label a text by genre.

3. What do you think is the difference between a detective novel and a mystery drama novel?

Essay Topic 3

In most fiction, readers would like all the loose ends to be neatly "tied up." Discuss the following:

1. Do you think "Faithful Place" is successful as a learning tool? Why or why not.

2. What about this book would motivate you to read another of Tana French's novels? What would discourage you from doing so?

3. Were all the "loose ends" satisfactorily settled for you? Why or why not?

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