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Tana French
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Frank request at work?
(a) Reassignment to another city.
(b) Assignment to investigate Kevin's death.
(c) Several month's leave of absence.
(d) A few days off.

2. Where is the other half of Rosie's note found?
(a) In Shay's room.
(b) It is never found.
(c) Under the basement steps of number 22.
(d) In Kevin's pocket.

3. What pain has Frank been dealing with for years?
(a) The pain of Rosie leaving without him.
(b) The pain of his younger sister's death.
(c) The pain of his father's alcoholism.
(d) The pain of seeing his family descend into criminal activity to survive.

4. What does Frank's mother say about Theresa Daly and Frank's dad?
(a) That Theresa and Frank had an affair for years.
(b) That the two were stranded over night when they were both single.
(c) That Theresa hated Frank's dad.
(d) That Theresa wanted to marry Frank's dad, but settled for Mr. Daly.

5. Why is Frank standing by the back door of the Daly house?
(a) Trying to catch Nora alone to talk to her.
(b) Trying to overhear any conversations in the house.
(c) Waiting to break into the house and find some information the police need.
(d) Trying to catch Mr. Daly alone to talk to him.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Kennedy tell Frank when Kennedy arrives at Imelda's place?

2. Who calls Frank when he gets home?

3. What does Stephen say Kennedy's theory is about Rosie's death?

4. What surprises Stephen about something Frank asks him?

5. How does the Daly family impact Frank's father?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Frank request at his office?

2. What does Frank recall about what Rosie told him the night they decide to leave?

3. What happens to Kevin?

4. What does Frank say to Holly about Kevin's death?

5. What does Frank's mother tell him about Mr. Mackey and Theresa Daly?

6. What does Frank think Scorcher is trying to do by ruling Kevin's death an accident and how does Mrs. Mackey react?

7. How has Nora reacted to the news of Rosie's body being found?

8. What information does Stephen have for Frank?

9. What does Frank ask Stephen that surprises the man?

10. Why has Jackie again frantically called Frank?

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