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Tana French
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is there not going to be anyone to help with Frank's father?
(a) All the siblings are moving out.
(b) Shay will bet there to help with their father.
(c) Shay is moving out.
(d) Shay had a terrible fight with his father.

2. What is Mick Kennedy's nickname?
(a) Scooter.
(b) He has no nickname.
(c) Mack.
(d) Scorcher.

3. Where is Frank's apartment?
(a) About fifty kilometers from Dublin.
(b) He lives in a hotel room.
(c) On the Quays.
(d) In the heart of downtown Dublin.

4. What does Frank tell Mick?
(a) Everything he can remember about Rosie.
(b) That he thinks his cousin killed Rosie.
(c) That he thinks Rosie's former boyfriend killed her.
(d) That he want to work on the case with Mick.

5. When did Frank learn to turn on a gas meter?
(a) He still does not know how to turn on a meter.
(b) When he graduated from high school.
(c) When he was very young.
(d) When he finished police training.

6. What does Frank wonder about Rosie?
(a) If she got the plan confused.
(b) If she would like to go out for coffee.
(c) If she is from around where Frank is waiting.
(d) If she would accept his offer of the bus fare.

7. What do the police urge Mr. Daly to do?
(a) To go get his wife and return.
(b) To wait outside until they bring the skeleton out.
(c) To come into the house and identify his daughter.
(d) To leave the scene.

8. To what does Frank think back as he is talking about Rosie?
(a) The last dance he and Rosie attended.
(b) Who might want to harm Rosie.
(c) The last time they were together.
(d) Who else knew Rosie.

9. What does Frank's mother want to do while Frank is at the pub?
(a) Appeal to the police not to consider Frank as a suspect.
(b) Make her husband go and talk to Frank.
(c) Join him at the pub to console him.
(d) Go and offer condolences to the Daly's.

10. What does Frank want to do in the Prologue?
(a) Find his runaway brother.
(b) Hitchhike around Europe.
(c) Run away with his girlfriend.
(d) Become a photographer.

11. What does Jackie want Frank to do?
(a) Talk to their mother.
(b) Get his dad into a nursing home.
(c) Come home.
(d) Bring Holly for a visit.

12. What does Mr. Daly want to do?
(a) Forget the whole situation.
(b) Do whatever Mrs. Daly wants.
(c) Contact the police.
(d) Have Shay arrested.

13. About what does Frank talk with his siblings during the evening after Rosie's body is found?
(a) Their father's disability.
(b) Rosie's love for Frank.
(c) The past.
(d) His will.

14. What does Carmel ask Frank?
(a) If he would like to go out for a drink.
(b) If he ever married.
(c) If he has any children.
(d) If he is planning to stay around.

15. What had Frank believed when he found a partial note from Rosie many years earlier?
(a) She was telling him she did not want to go with him.
(b) She wanted to marry him, but not for another year.
(c) She had another boyfriend.
(d) She wanted one more night at home.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Kevin say about Shay?

2. What does Frank realize is true if Rosie was murdered?

3. Who does Frank plan to talk with the next morning?

4. What is Frank's position in the Dublin Police Department?

5. Who does Frank call about what he finds in the abandoned house?

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