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Tana French
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 20 through 23.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Kevin go with Frank?
(a) To the abandoned house where the suitcase is found.
(b) To visit the Daly's again.
(c) To the pub.
(d) To find out if the ferry tickets could still be redeemed.

2. Why doesn't Nora's husband understand why Nora cannot stop crying?
(a) Because Nora didn't even cry when their child was killed.
(b) Because Nora had accepted Rosie's disappearance years ago.
(c) Because Rosie has been gone so long he does not understand why Nora would still be emotional about it.
(d) Because he has never seen Nora crying.

3. What does Frank say he will do for Stephen?
(a) Put in a good word to Scorcher for the man.
(b) Take over his position so Stephen can go on vacation.
(c) Take over his position so Stephen can get married.
(d) Help Stephen make a step toward permanency in the undercover unit.

4. How does Shay think Kevin looked at the world?
(a) With a drug-hazed brain.
(b) With bloodshot eyes.
(c) The way he wanted the world to be rather than reality.
(d) As if the world owed him something.

5. What does Shay not want the neighbors to see?
(a) The ratty clothing the Mackey children wore.
(b) The family's "dirty laundry".
(c) His father hitting his mother.
(d) How pitiful his father had become.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Frank think Rosie's reaction was to hearing her father's description of the Mackey family?

2. Why is Frank standing by the back door of the Daly house?

3. About what does Frank think his mother would have teased Holly?

4. What had Frank believed when he found a partial note from Rosie many years earlier?

5. What does Frank convince Stephen to do?

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