Objects & Places from Faithful Place

Tana French
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Faithful Place

The fictional setting of Frank Mackey's boyhood home.

Number 16

The house on Faithful Place where Rosie's body and Kevin's body are discovered.


Frank lives and works as a police officer in this city.

Undercover Unit

Frank works in this section of the police department.

The Quays

Frank has an apartment here.

The Guinness Plant

Where Mr. Daly works and where he plans to help Rosie get a job.

Hallows Lane

Where Imelda lives as an adult.

The Great Barrier Reef

Kevin had dreams of going on a vacation to this place.


The bar where Frank and Rosie meet for the last time prior to their planned departure to England.

The Ferry Tickets

A symbol of the freedom Rosie craves, these become a symbol of foreboding when Frank finds them still in Rosie's suitcase.

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