Faithful Place Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Tana French
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Prologue through Chapter 3

• The story opens in the Prologue in which Frank Mackey is waiting just up the street from his house for his girlfriend, Rosie Daley.

• Frank waits for some time outside the house, then goes inside and finds a note from Rosie which seems to indicate she changed her mind.
• Chapter One: Frank is an officer in the Undercover Unit of the Dublin Police Department, is divorced, and spends weekends with his daughter, Holly.

• Frank listens to a frantic message from his sister Jackie saying Rosie's suitcase was found behind the fireplace in Number 16.

• Frank takes Holly back to her mother telling her he has a family emergency and heads to his childhood home.

• Jackie and Olivia have suggested that Holly should get to know Frank's family but that he won't consider it because they are all crazy.
• Chapter Two: Frank enters the house and sees...

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