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Short Answer Questions

1. What were the prisoners able to do by April of 1969?

2. How many planes on the USS Forrestal were destroyed?

3. Where did Jack ask to have his change of command ceremony?

4. How did John feel about signing a statement of confession?

5. What health issue did John first struggle with when he roomed with Bud?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did the Air Force major talk to the trainees about, and how did John feel about him?

2. How was John's wife in danger back in the United States, and how did she take care of herself?

3. What happened on Christmas Eve in 1968?

4. What did John and his friends do for entertainment in Meridian, Mississippi? How did people react to what they had done?

5. What happened when John was flying in Corpus Christi Bay? How was he feeling after the event?

6. What was life in his imprisonment like after John refused to go home early?

7. In October of 1962, John's squadron was ordered to fly their planes back to the carrier earlier than they had expected. They discovered that they might see some action. What happened with this, and how did John feel about it?

8. What were the fighters on the USS Oriskany known for? Why was John on the ship?

9. What injuries did John receive from the inferno on the USS Forestall? How were his injuries compared to the others?

10. What did early releases tells Jack about his son, John?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What did John do that made him a difficult prisoner for the Vietnamese?

Essay Topic 2

John had one teacher who continued to knock him down and two teachers that really inspired him. Describe the experiences with Captain Ben Hart, Lieutenant Commander Eugene Carroll and William P. Ravenel, showing how they influenced John's' life.

Essay Topic 3

How did John's temper and anger issues continue to get him in trouble even after the Church Riot? How did his fellow prisoners try to help him? How did he feel about the trouble he caused them?

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