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Short Answer Questions

1. What was John supposed to do in Hanoi on his mission?

2. How did John feel about the Committee of Liaison with Families of Servicemen Detained in North Vietnam?

3. Why were prisoners taken out of their cells?

4. What did the Air Force major say to John about his time in Korea?

5. What happened if they were caught communicating?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why didn't John turn around when he was warned that the enemy was flying toward him?

2. What did early releases tells Jack about his son, John?

3. What was John' s behavior like when he was a naval officer at the Academy? How did he act in relation to his work?

4. What were communications like between John and his family?

5. How was John's wife in danger back in the United States, and how did she take care of herself?

6. How did Jack show what he felt for his son while his son was a prisoner of war?

7. What happened when the Vietnamese asked John if he wanted to go home early?

8. What was John's punishment in Calcutta?

9. In October of 1962, John's squadron was ordered to fly their planes back to the carrier earlier than they had expected. They discovered that they might see some action. What happened with this, and how did John feel about it?

10. What did the Air Force major talk to the trainees about, and how did John feel about him?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe how the soldiers celebrated the Christmas season when John was in charge of the entertainment. How is this different from past Christmases?

Essay Topic 2

John was in three serious plane accidents. Discuss all three of them, citing what happened to the planes and to John. What was the result of each of the accidents?

Essay Topic 3

Explain what happened with the peace talks and the bombing raids. What did this mean to the prisoners? What did their captors try to tell them it meant? What was their reaction to their captors?

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