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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Jack react to wartime situations that became personal?
(a) He worked the politics to his best personal advantage.
(b) He didn't even think about his personal life.
(c) He ignored orders if they went against his personal wishes.
(d) He didn't let his personal life interfere with the country's needs.

2. Who helped the family when John's wife was struggling?
(a) John.
(b) A neighbor who was in love with her.
(c) John's parents.
(d) Navy families around her.

3. Why were prisoners taken out of their cells?
(a) For exercise.
(b) For meals.
(c) They were never allowed out of the cells.
(d) For interrogation.

4. Where did Jack ask to have his change of command ceremony?
(a) In a private ceremony in his living room.
(b) On the USS Oriskany.
(c) Back in the United States.
(d) In Hanoi.

5. What did John do when he joined the other soldiers after solitary?
(a) Laughed.
(b) Talked non-stop.
(c) Cried.
(d) Asked them to leave him alone.

Short Answer Questions

1. In late August, months after offering John an early release, what did the Vietnamese do?

2. How did John feel during the months after the Vietnamese offered his release?

3. What happened to John's plane when he was in Corpus Christi Bay?

4. What happened to the USS Forrestal?

5. What health issue did John first struggle with when he roomed with Bud?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did John and his friends do for entertainment in Meridian, Mississippi? How did people react to what they had done?

2. What were communications like between John and his family?

3. What was John' s behavior like when he was a naval officer at the Academy? How did he act in relation to his work?

4. What happened on Christmas Eve in 1968?

5. How did John feel after the wash rag incident, and what did he do about it?

6. What was life in his imprisonment like after John refused to go home early?

7. How did Jack show what he felt for his son while his son was a prisoner of war?

8. What injuries did John receive from the inferno on the USS Forestall? How were his injuries compared to the others?

9. What were some of the difficulties John had to face as a prisoner of war?

10. What did John do while he was in Army training?

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