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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many years was Jack active in the Navy before he retired?
(a) 41.
(b) 25.
(c) 15.
(d) 50.

2. How many children did Carol and John have?
(a) 1.
(b) 2.
(c) They couldn't have any.
(d) 3.

3. What did the Air Force major say to John about his time in Korea?
(a) He talked about his experiences as a POW.
(b) He talked about surviving on very little food.
(c) He talked about how they managed to evade the enemy.
(d) He talked about the importance of the code talking.

4. What caused John the most dismay?
(a) He was upset at how his family suffered.
(b) He didn't want to disappoint his father.
(c) He wished he could show the Vietnamese that he was really a fine man.
(d) He didn't like seeing his fellow soldiers ill.

5. What did the Americans who were released in August tell the world?
(a) The Vietnamese actually favored the American prisoners.
(b) The Vietnamese propaganda was accurate.
(c) John had life easy thanks to his father.
(d) The Vietnamese did not treat prisoners well.

6. What did John do to Bob?
(a) He took a beating for him.
(b) He stole his washrag.
(c) He gave him his own washrag when Bob was suffering.
(d) He helped him escape.

7. What health issue did John first struggle with when he roomed with Bud?
(a) Pneumonia.
(b) Croup.
(c) Cholera.
(d) Dyssentary.

8. What did John get more serious about during his second cruise on the USS Intrepid?
(a) His career.
(b) His friendships.
(c) His grades.
(d) Getting married.

9. What did John send to Bob the first Christmas they were free?
(a) A huge food basket.
(b) 500 wash rags.
(c) A map of Hanoi.
(d) A photograph of his family..

10. What were John's parents informed regarding his situation?
(a) They were told he was completely fine.
(b) They were told he was dead.
(c) They were told that he was gravely injured and would probably die.
(d) They were told that he was gravely injured, yet would survive.

11. What did Jack keep on file that only those closest to him knew about?
(a) Anything relating to his son and the other war prisoners.
(b) Battle strategies.
(c) Anti-American propaganda.
(d) Vietnamese maneuvers.

12. What Operation did John participate in?
(a) Operation Rolling Thunder.
(b) Operation Coronado II.
(c) Operation Coburg.
(d) Operation Jack Crack.

13. How did John respond when he was offered a chance to go home early?
(a) He cheered.
(b) He taunted the other prisoners with his good fortune.
(c) He said he'd never go home.
(d) He said he wouldn't go out of turn.

14. How did John feel about the Vietnamese' actions in the August after he was offered an early release?
(a) He sympathized with their situation.
(b) He was angry at the Vietnamese.
(c) He wanted to kill himself.
(d) He thought their actions were futile.

15. What happened after John's actions during the Christmas Eve service in 1968?
(a) His family wrote to him.
(b) He was put into solitary confinement.
(c) He was beaten.
(d) A fellow soldier reminded him of how much God loved him.

Short Answer Questions

1. Early releases told Jack that John about all of the following except what?

2. How many planes on the USS Forrestal were destroyed?

3. What position was John's father assuming when John was offered freedom?

4. How many Americans were prisoners with John?

5. How did Bob react to John's actions?

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