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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What trouble did John get into in Spain?
(a) He was arrested for public drunkeness.
(b) He separated from his unit and got lost.
(c) He inadvertently insulted a chief commander in Spain.
(d) He flew too low and knocked over some power lines.

2. After John ejected from his plane, what we he even more determined to do?
(a) Become an aircraft mechanic.
(b) Quit the military.
(c) Take more flying lessons.
(d) Get to Vietnam.

3. How did the pilots feel about the orders they were given?
(a) They were frustrated.
(b) They were angry.
(c) They thought the decisions were wise.
(d) They refused to follow them.

4. What did John think as he ejected from the plane over Hanoi?
(a) He couldn't think because he was unconscious.
(b) He thought the war was a nightmare.
(c) That he should followed his training.
(d) He thought about his family.

5. How did John feel about signing a statement of confession?
(a) He knew his signature meant nothing since it was under duress so he signed without hesitation.
(b) He did it, and regretted the action for his whole life.
(c) He said he would sign if the other prisoners did, too.
(d) He refused to sign.

6. What did the Air Force major say to John about his time in Korea?
(a) He talked about his experiences as a POW.
(b) He talked about how they managed to evade the enemy.
(c) He talked about surviving on very little food.
(d) He talked about the importance of the code talking.

7. How long did John have to stay in a small room as punishment?
(a) 3 days.
(b) An entire day.
(c) 3 months.
(d) 3 weeks.

8. What was the summer of 1969 like for John and the other prisoners?
(a) They were interrogated more frequently.
(b) They were getting more privileges.
(c) Unbearable.
(d) Things were looking better.

9. What happened after John's actions during the Christmas Eve service in 1968?
(a) He was put into solitary confinement.
(b) A fellow soldier reminded him of how much God loved him.
(c) His family wrote to him.
(d) He was beaten.

10. Jack's mom told John after the war that she would hear Jack doing what in his study?
(a) Typing madly.
(b) Throwing things.
(c) Praying.
(d) Crying.

11. What happened to the USS Forrestal?
(a) It was hit by a Sunni missile.
(b) Nothing.
(c) It became surrounded by enemy ships.
(d) It sank.

12. What happened to John's wife while he was in the Hilton?
(a) She was in a car accident.
(b) She ran off with another man.
(c) She died.
(d) She became very ill.

13. How many Americans were prisoners with John?
(a) Over 80.
(b) He was the only one.
(c) 5.
(d) 20.

14. How did John feel during the months after the Vietnamese offered his release?
(a) He regretted his choice.
(b) He lived in trepidation.
(c) He was happy with his choice.
(d) He felt at peace.

15. What were the prisoners able to do by April of 1969?
(a) Eat all they wanted.
(b) Call home.
(c) Play ping-pong and pool.
(d) Walk outside the gates.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did John do during the Christmas Eve service in 1968?

2. What happened to the packages John's wife sent?

3. How many planes on the USS Forrestal were destroyed?

4. What did John get more serious about during his second cruise on the USS Intrepid?

5. Why did the Vietnamese take John to the hospital?

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