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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did the Vietnamese plan to do with John's release?
(a) Shame his father.
(b) Renege on their offer.
(c) Kill him right before release.
(d) Kill him right after release.

2. After John ejected from his plane, what we he even more determined to do?
(a) Become an aircraft mechanic.
(b) Take more flying lessons.
(c) Quit the military.
(d) Get to Vietnam.

3. Jack's mom told John after the war that she would hear Jack doing what in his study?
(a) Throwing things.
(b) Typing madly.
(c) Crying.
(d) Praying.

4. What were the prisoners able to do by April of 1969?
(a) Walk outside the gates.
(b) Eat all they wanted.
(c) Call home.
(d) Play ping-pong and pool.

5. What did the guard draw in the dirt at Christmas?
(a) His name.
(b) A manger.
(c) A cross.
(d) A swastika.

6. What did John think as he ejected from the plane over Hanoi?
(a) He couldn't think because he was unconscious.
(b) He thought about his family.
(c) That he should followed his training.
(d) He thought the war was a nightmare.

7. What did John get more serious about during his second cruise on the USS Intrepid?
(a) His career.
(b) His friendships.
(c) Getting married.
(d) His grades.

8. Why did the Vietnamese take John to the hospital?
(a) They didn't.
(b) They found out his father was an Admiral.
(c) It was common protocol for prisoners of war.
(d) He asked them to.

9. What caused John the most dismay?
(a) He didn't like seeing his fellow soldiers ill.
(b) He was upset at how his family suffered.
(c) He didn't want to disappoint his father.
(d) He wished he could show the Vietnamese that he was really a fine man.

10. How many Americans were prisoners with John?
(a) He was the only one.
(b) Over 80.
(c) 5.
(d) 20.

11. What did John do to Bob?
(a) He helped him escape.
(b) He stole his washrag.
(c) He took a beating for him.
(d) He gave him his own washrag when Bob was suffering.

12. What Army exercises in training did John excel in?
(a) Evading the enemy.
(b) Surviving in a POW camp.
(c) Communications.
(d) Shooting.

13. How did John feel when his chance of action didn't come to fruition?
(a) He was angry that they had to waste their time there.
(b) He was relieved.
(c) It whetted his appetite for action.
(d) He was frustrated that they settled the situation peaceably.

14. Where did Jack ask to have his change of command ceremony?
(a) In Hanoi.
(b) Back in the United States.
(c) In a private ceremony in his living room.
(d) On the USS Oriskany.

15. How were the American prisoners treated after the three Americans were released and told their story?
(a) They were given less food.
(b) Their beatings increased.
(c) They were denied outdoor privileges.
(d) They were treated better.

Short Answer Questions

1. How long did John have to stay in a small room as punishment?

2. How did Jack react to wartime situations that became personal?

3. Where did the prisoners leave messages for each other?

4. What did the Air Force major say to John about his time in Korea?

5. How did John feel during the months after the Vietnamese offered his release?

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