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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was John Sidney McCain Jr.'s physique like when he left the Academy?
(a) He was a small man.
(b) He was a very large man.
(c) He was very average.
(d) He was tall yet slender.

2. What was John Sidney McCain Sr. supposed to avoid doing with his grandson?
(a) He wasn't supposed to watch his grandson alone.
(b) He wasn't supposed to talk with his grandson.
(c) He wasn't supposed to coddle his grandson.
(d) He was supposed to avoid all talk of war around his grandson.

3. What medal did John Sidney McCain Sr. get for his courage and leadership in the Guadalcanal campaign?
(a) Purple Heart.
(b) Distinguished Service Medal.
(c) Navy Cross.
(d) Medal of Honor.

4. What was education for Navy families like?
(a) Eclectic.
(b) Strict.
(c) Focused on American history.
(d) Focused on global history.

5. What did John Sidney McCain Jr. and his wife find when they came home from their dinner date?
(a) The house was a disaster.
(b) John Sidney McCain Sr was sleeping with his tiny grandson.
(c) John Sidney McCain Sr was missing, and the baby was alone.
(d) John Sidney McCain Sr was drunk.

6. How often did John McCain see his grandfather?
(a) Frequently.
(b) Once a month.
(c) Rarely.
(d) Never.

7. How did Jack feel about the men serving under him?
(a) He was frustrated with them.
(b) He loved them, but didn't think they were well trained.
(c) He greatly respected them.
(d) He thought they were ignorant.

8. What job did John McCain's father have?
(a) Naval cartographer.
(b) Naval Aviator.
(c) Aircraft carrier designer.
(d) Submariner.

9. Jack was knowledgable and resourceful about what?
(a) Underwater communications.
(b) Submarines and how they worked.
(c) War strategies.
(d) Hydroponics.

10. This book offers a real account of what?
(a) Triumphs of politics.
(b) John McCain's father's experiences in a prison camp.
(c) Pitfalls of politics.
(d) Triumphs and pitfalls of military men.

11. What position did Jack assume in London?
(a) He was a teacher for the Academy.
(b) He worked for the United Nations.
(c) He became a two-star general.
(d) He assumed command of all the US naval forces in Europe.

12. How did John Sidney McCain Sr. do in school?
(a) He was average academically.
(b) He was suspended for his grades.
(c) He was valedictorian.
(d) He did not do well in school.

13. What strength did McCain's mother have that helped the family?
(a) She had natural charm, beauty, and social graces.
(b) She was brilliant.
(c) She was impeccably neat.
(d) She knew the inner-workings of the Navy.

14. What did Jack command during World War II?
(a) Three troops.
(b) Three cruisers.
(c) Three submarines.
(d) Three battalions .

15. What did the signal from the USS Gunnel do?
(a) It aggravated the enemy.
(b) It showed their position.
(c) It saved their lives.
(d) It was lost in the stormy waters.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did Roberta McCain's parents feel about John Sidney McCain Jr.?

2. How did John Sidney McCain Sr feel about the men who served under him?

3. Who were John McCain's heroes?

4. How long did people mourn for John Sidney McCain Sr .after his death?

5. What was John's term paper for history class about?

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