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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did John Sidney McCain Jr. and his wife find when they came home from their dinner date?
(a) John Sidney McCain Sr was missing, and the baby was alone.
(b) John Sidney McCain Sr was sleeping with his tiny grandson.
(c) John Sidney McCain Sr was drunk.
(d) The house was a disaster.

2. According to John McCain III, how do children of sailors feel?
(a) Angry at the government for taking their fathers away.
(b) They don't see their fathers much, but they understand why and are proud.
(c) Like they get to see the world.
(d) They want to be just like their fathers and don't think of other career options.

3. How did John relate to the bully later in life?
(a) He apologized to the bully and they became tentative friends.
(b) He felt a connection since they both tried to please their fathers.
(c) They became close friends.
(d) He realized he, too, had been a bully.

4. What happened after John Sidney McCain Sr. made a decision during a typhoon?
(a) He was given a medal.
(b) He was ordered to relinquish his command.
(c) He was told to share his command.
(d) He was promoted.

5. What did John and his friends do to the bully in retaliation?
(a) Had his trunk sent to an Ivy League school instead of his ship.
(b) They reported him to the principal.
(c) They ran his underwear up a flagpole.
(d) They beat him up.

6. What physical handicap almost kept John Sidney McCain Sr. from serving?
(a) A weak arm.
(b) Poor eyesight.
(c) Defective hearing.
(d) A limp.

7. What medal did John Sidney McCain Sr. get for his courage and leadership in the Guadalcanal campaign?
(a) Distinguished Service Medal.
(b) Purple Heart.
(c) Navy Cross.
(d) Medal of Honor.

8. What did Jack command during World War II?
(a) Three submarines.
(b) Three battalions .
(c) Three cruisers.
(d) Three troops.

9. Why did John go back to his old ways?
(a) He was bullied and oppressed.
(b) He felt like a failure.
(c) He wanted to prove something to his father.
(d) Captain Hart put him at the bottom of the class.

10. How did John McCain view his father?
(a) As a hero.
(b) A small man with a big heart.
(c) As a man who took life way too seriously.
(d) A man with varied interests.

11. Who were John McCain's heroes?
(a) All Marines.
(b) John Sidney McCain Jr. and Sr.
(c) All Naval men.
(d) His ancestors back to the Revolution.

12. How did the men serving under Jack feel about him?
(a) They thought he was wise, but too distant.
(b) They greatly respected him.
(c) They were afraid of him.
(d) They thought he was a foolish leader.

13. What was John Sidney McCain Sr.'s appearance like?
(a) He was immaculate.
(b) He always wore the most current styles when he was out of uniform.
(c) He was notoriously disheveled.
(d) He never stepped out of uniform.

14. How deep did the USS Gunnel submerge when surrounded by the seven Japanese freighters?
(a) 3,000 feet.
(b) 50 feet.
(c) 300 feet.
(d) It didn't submerge.

15. How often did John McCain see his grandfather?
(a) Frequently.
(b) Once a month.
(c) Rarely.
(d) Never.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did John feel about his actions regarding the bully?

2. What job did John McCain's grandfather have?

3. Strategies from which wars are included in this book?

4. How did John feel about the Academy when he first arrived there?

5. How did John Sidney McCain Sr. die?

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