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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What reputation did John Sidney McCain Sr. have while serving on the USS Ohio and the USS Baltimore?
(a) He was scorned.
(b) He was unknown.
(c) He was highly regarded.
(d) He was a partier.

2. What award did John Sidney McCain Sr. get for fighting to save damaged destroyers?
(a) Medal of Honor.
(b) Purple Heart.
(c) Navy Cross.
(d) Distinguished Service Medal.

3. What did John and his friends do to the bully in retaliation?
(a) They reported him to the principal.
(b) They beat him up.
(c) Had his trunk sent to an Ivy League school instead of his ship.
(d) They ran his underwear up a flagpole.

4. What two factors contribute to a student's class standing?
(a) Academic performance and grease grade.
(b) Grease grade and neatness.
(c) Academic performance and lineage.
(d) Neatness and academic performance.

5. How much oxygen did the USS Gunnel have when it resurfaced after being deeply submerged when the Japanese were around?
(a) They were completely out.
(b) One day.
(c) Half a day.
(d) Less than an hour.

6. How did those under John Sidney McCain Sr. view him?
(a) They thought he was weak.
(b) They didn't understand his decisions and felt he was just a partier who didn't take fighting seriously.
(c) He was a born leader who garnered respect.
(d) They felt he was too autocratic.

7. Who taught John how to command a ship?
(a) Admiral Nimitz.
(b) Captain Ben Hart.
(c) Lieutenant Commander Eugene Carroll.
(d) Jack McCain.

8. How did Jack feel about the men serving under him?
(a) He was frustrated with them.
(b) He thought they were ignorant.
(c) He greatly respected them.
(d) He loved them, but didn't think they were well trained.

9. What was Roberta and John Sidney McCain Jr's wedding like?
(a) They had a small ceremony with just immediate relatives.
(b) They eloped.
(c) They had a huge society wedding.
(d) They didn't invite family - just friends.

10. According to John McCain III, how do children of sailors feel?
(a) They don't see their fathers much, but they understand why and are proud.
(b) They want to be just like their fathers and don't think of other career options.
(c) Like they get to see the world.
(d) Angry at the government for taking their fathers away.

11. What happened to the USS Gunnel as it headed toward Scotland?
(a) It had an incredibly smooth trip.
(b) It was torpedoed.
(c) It sprung a leak.
(d) The engines malfunctioned while enemies chased them.

12. What amphibious assault did Jack command?
(a) Operation Balavegaya.
(b) Operation Chromite.
(c) Operation Camargue.
(d) Operation Steel Pike 1.

13. How did John Sidney McCain Sr. do in school?
(a) He did not do well in school.
(b) He was average academically.
(c) He was suspended for his grades.
(d) He was valedictorian.

14. What was John Sidney McCain Jr.'s physique like when he left the Academy?
(a) He was a very large man.
(b) He was a small man.
(c) He was tall yet slender.
(d) He was very average.

15. How did John Sidney McCain Sr feel about the men who served under him?
(a) He was very close to them.
(b) He felt as if he didn't know them enough.
(c) He deliberately kept himself distant from them since he was a commander not a friend.
(d) He thought they were very inept.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was education for Navy families like?

2. What happened when John McCain was five?

3. Who were John McCain's heroes?

4. What was Captain Ben Hart known for?

5. How was John different from his father and grandfather scholastically?

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