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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 25-28.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did the room look like as they ate the Christmas meal?
(a) They decorated it with scraps of cloth they found.
(b) They room was completely bare.
(c) They set it up to resemble a "dining in."
(d) The room seemed to glow.

2. How did the soldiers feel about the prosecution of the war under the Johnson administration?
(a) They felt that the government was ignorant.
(b) They didn't feel it was prosecuted right.
(c) They resented the government's choices.
(d) They felt the government made all the right decisions.

3. This book offers a real account of what?
(a) John McCain's father's experiences in a prison camp.
(b) Triumphs and pitfalls of military men.
(c) Pitfalls of politics.
(d) Triumphs of politics.

4. What did Jake and Slew find difficult when they talked about war experiences to elementary students?
(a) It was difficult remembering all that happened.
(b) They had to mentally sort out the confidential information.
(c) They had a hard time keeping their language clean.
(d) They had too many traumatic memories.

5. What position did John hold at Camp Unity?
(a) Money Holder.
(b) Entertainment Officer.
(c) Demerit Checker.
(d) Head Soldier.

Short Answer Questions

1. The cells Bud, Orson, and John stayed in had all the following except for what?

2. What did the soldiers call the camp Bud, Orson, and John were taken to?

3. What happened to the USS Gunnel as it headed toward Scotland?

4. What disease did many of the soldiers in Heartbreak Hotel have?

5. How did John feel about the Academy when he first arrived there?

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