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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 25-28.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. This book offers a real account of what?
(a) John McCain's father's experiences in a prison camp.
(b) Pitfalls of politics.
(c) Triumphs of politics.
(d) Triumphs and pitfalls of military men.

2. How did John Sidney McCain Sr feel about fighting?
(a) He didn't know what to do with himself in times of peace.
(b) It made him sad.
(c) He didn't like it, but thought there were times when a man had to fight.
(d) He hated it.

3. How did John McCain view his father?
(a) A small man with a big heart.
(b) A man with varied interests.
(c) As a hero.
(d) As a man who took life way too seriously.

4. How would John entertain the other soldiers?
(a) He recited books and movies he had memorized.
(b) He sang.
(c) He juggled.
(d) He danced.

5. What was a problem when John entered high school?
(a) His hearing.
(b) His propensity for getting in trouble.
(c) Making friends.
(d) His grades.

Short Answer Questions

1. What classes did John and Orson teach?

2. How did John McCain remember his grandfather?

3. How many planes on the USS Forrestal were destroyed?

4. What happened to John's plane when he was in Corpus Christi Bay?

5. How did John feel when his chance of action didn't come to fruition?

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