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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 25-28.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happened to John's wife while he was in the Hilton?
(a) She became very ill.
(b) She was in a car accident.
(c) She ran off with another man.
(d) She died.

2. How did the soldiers revolt on February 7, 1971?
(a) They held a church service.
(b) They all raced for the gates.
(c) They began attacking the guards.
(d) They gathered for a concert.

3. What happened to John's plane when he was in Corpus Christi Bay?
(a) He lost his steering controls.
(b) The landing gears were stuck.
(c) The engine quit.
(d) The rudder broke off.

4. Who were John McCain's heroes?
(a) John Sidney McCain Jr. and Sr.
(b) All Marines.
(c) All Naval men.
(d) His ancestors back to the Revolution.

5. What did John Sidney McCain Sr do in the Second World War?
(a) He became a pilot.
(b) He commanded a submarine.
(c) He commanded all the land-based aircraft operations in the South Pacific for five months
(d) He finished school and joined the Navy.

Short Answer Questions

1. The prisoners couldn't gather together with more than how many in a group per one guard?

2. What signal did the USS Gunnel send out?

3. How did Jack feel about the way America was fighting the Vietnam War?

4. What amphibious assault did Jack command?

5. How did the prisoners protest the Vietnamese attempt to used communication for propaganda?

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