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Preface - Chapter 6

• John McCain explains why he worked together with Mark Salter to write this memoir.

• McCain talks about the difficulties faced when writing the book as well as the purpose of the book.
• John Sidney McCain Senior and John McKinney McCain Junior are introduced.

• John Sidney McCain Senior is an adept fighter who thrives in wartime.

• At his welcome home celebration, he dies.

• The author relates a previously unreported incident in which his grandfather had been asked to relinquish his command.
• John defines his relationship with his grandfather.

• John is affected by his grandfather's career as he grows up.

• Slew had a rough start to his career.

• He shaped up.
• Slew is a commander in the Second World War.

• He is awarded several medals for his deeds.

• He is considered a great leader by those under him and the world in general.

• He is mourned long...

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